Posted by Dealer Team

We have engaged the braaap ARMY (Existing braaap owners) to help new customers receive an authentic experience on the way to becoming a braaap owner them selves.

Braaap owners have been invited to offer their own motorcycle for test rides.

This $50 purchase will book a 10 minute test ride from an existing braaap owner near you, This braaap owner will let you test ride their own braaap bike and tell you all about the braaap experience from a customer's perspective.

We have no official affiliation to the test riders, the booking fee allows us to introduce you and you will receive an SMS from the braaap owner in order to work out the timing and location of your test ride directly between each other.

$50 for a 10 minute test ride.

$30 for a show and tell (sit on the bike but no riding)


Moto 3 - Melbourne - Test Ride - Austin McFeeters



Please note that most new customers don't require a test ride and end up purchasing with out riding the bike. Any flash sales you may have seen advertised are limited stock so first in best dressed. Please SMS us with any questions  0499 27 22 27.

Choose from he following test ride options: