10 tips on buying the right road bike

10 tips on buying the right road bike

Posted by Dealer Team

So, we finally got to you. You're now in the market for a road bike. Fun times await you. But before you part with your hard earnt money here's 10 questions to ask yourself before you commit to your new favourite piece of transit technology.

1. What type of riding are you looking to do?

Well, this might seem like a stupid question but so many riders don't properly consider what type of riding they plan to do.

2. What's your budget?

As much as we hate to know it we are all restricted by affordability, my question is really around have you thought about payment options such as an interest-free payment plan that allows you to pay the bike weekly, as you get paid. Most motorcycles are sold on these plans.

3. What warranty is in place?

Labour rates in a mechanical workshop are around $100 per hour and genuine parts from the major manufacturers are not cheap, it only takes one thing to go wrong for a motorcycle with a limited or no warranty to cost you more than one that has a warranty such as the braaap lifetime warranty.

4. What insurance?

best to chat to your local dealer but insurance can also be paid weekly when you sign up at the point of sale.

5. What mechanical support is in place?

Are you buying from a dealer who has good mechanical support? It's more about what happens if something goes wrong.

6. Do I need to spend more on the bike?

Is the bike ready to rock, or do I need to modify or service it in order to keep it on the road? Is the price I'm paying for the bike really the total price or is it going to drain the bank over the first year.

7. What is the resale value of the motorcycle?

I love this questions and obviously, I am one eyed braaap but based on our price point and limited supply which creates scarcity and therefore keeps second-hand prices high you are far less likely to write off a large chunk of change on a braaap than you are on a major brand bike or a new car.

8. Can I ride the bike?

Silly questions I know, I mean am I licensed and also can I ride the bike to its potential. So many people buy bikes they don't need to buy, For Eg why would you buy a 1000cc to ride to work or cruise between cafes on the weekend. you don't need to over spec your ride. Buy a bike built for what you want to do.

9. What's next?

This is a question we always ask because most people keep their braaap and if they decide they want another bike they buy a second bike.

10. Do I like the dealer?

We don't sell food, we are not doctors, no one needs a motorcycle, we want them. This means we should buy from a place that cares, a place that's fun, a place that makes it easy.

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