Cafe Racer Custom Parts Fitment Cost's & Info

Cafe Racer Custom Parts Fitment Cost's & Info

Posted by Brad Smith

Labour for fitment
Centre Stand
$50 to fit
Reverse Cone Muffler
All Mufflers $75 to fit 
Interstate Customers note your bike may not pass road worthy with aftermarket muffler so we suggest leave standard one on.
Tyre Fitting $35 Each Note that the cafe racer look usually requires a rear tyre on the front, the standard front guard doesnt fit & it is a grey area on if it is road worthy or not with a rear tyre on the front.
Indicators $25 per pair
Front Guard  $50 to fit
Rear Shocks $50 to fit
Gearing Upgrade (Rear Sprocket)  $25 to fit
Seat  $25 to fit
Bar End Mirrors $30 to fit
Pipe Wrap  $50 to fit
Clubman handle bars $50 to fit
Tank Pads  $10 to fit
Saddle Bags $25 to fit
Tank & Side Shrouds  $100 to fit
Tail light  $50 to fit

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