Feb 14th Update on Pre Ordered 2020 Braaap Motorcycles

Feb 14th Update on Pre Ordered 2020 Braaap Motorcycles

Posted by Dealer Team

Hey Guys,

Thanks so much for everyones patience and being awesome while we work through this delay.

The guts of it is that we have bikes built and ready to dispatch but the government paper work has not arrived yet. We need these approvals for the bikes to be compliant and ready for you to register.

We have been doing everything we can to speed the Gov't up. I have hired an expert consultant to communicate to them, We had our federal member for parliament meet with the Minister of infrastructure who is also the deputy Prime Minister and we hoped that this would push our file to the top of the job list inside the department. We've apparently made progress but we still haven't received the required papers. Apparently others are experiencing delays also.

It costs us a lot to wait so we are motivated to get the bikes delivered but more importantly we just want you to have the bike and be riding as expected.

Please stay tuned for more specific updates.

See some pics of some of the production below from when Paul our head mechanic who is also my father and I went to China late in 2019 to produce the Cafe Racer ST250 models which are waiting to be delivered.

This delay is for the SS125cc and the ST250 that was hoped to be delivered in Dec/Jan or Feb.

Also please note we are now selling April stock, this is not your shipment so don't stress! These are seperate shipments of bikes. You may see ads and promotions for the waiting list which is our promo to sell the next shipments.

Always happy to answer any questions, SMS is best so I can call or text back. Im available on 0499 27 22 27.

Also we have left the FLASH SALE for parts up on the website, this was only meant to be 24 hours as we've negotiated to drive pricing down and pass the savings on. Our suppliers and us have agreed to leave it up while the delay is on. Click here. 




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