Interstate customer service

Interstate customer service

Posted by Dealer Team

Just touching base for anyone who is not able to walk into our HQ & Flagship showroom here in Frankston, Victoria.

We have braaap owners all over the country and the aim of this blog is to help you feel more connected into braaap HQ.

If you have any questions please call 1300 27 22 27 (1300braaap) or call/SMS 0499 27 22 27 (0499braaap).

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We are also always on our social media platforms and use these platforms to connect better with interstate & international braaap owners so don't hold back in shooting us questions, pictures or requesting a video call with one of our spares parts guys or mechanics.

How do I buy a braaap from interstate?

- We ship bikes around the country every week and have had up to 45 dealership representing us across the country, the point being that we are set up to service customers from all around the country. We can send the motorcycles ready to ride or how ever it is needed. If you use the online store to purchase a bike you will get a call as we make sure everyone is spoken to and known when an order is received, you can also call us directly to order over the phone and go through any questions. 0499 27 22 27 or 1300 27 22 27.

 How do I buy spare parts?

- Your best bet is to call us directly on 1300 27 22 27 or 0499 27 22 27 and we can support you from the head office in Frankston, Victoria. We have a huge range of spares and after market parts in stock.


How do I maintain my "Lifetime Warranty" if I am not near a braaap dealer?

- You are able to service your braaap at any qualified mechanical workshop who is willing to service your bike. If you are going outside of the braaap network for servicing please call us and make sure your mechanic has all of the required info and documentation. You are required to pay the mechanic and send us a receipt. You are required to call us for approval of any warranty work before any work is under way.

 Call us on 1300 27 22 27 or SMS 0499 27 22 27 or email

>>> Read the "Why buy braaap". CLICK HERE


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