Moto3 Reviews & Delivery reports from customers!

Moto3 Reviews & Delivery reports from customers!

Posted by Ken Ride

The Below is a braaap moto3 review from a braaap customer, Posted on Facebook. We have pasted and copied the moto3 review with out editing:

Any one looking to purchase a braaap please call us on 0499 27 22 27.

Also please note 2020 & c19 threw a huge amount of challenges at everyone, we have never experience delivery delays like we did during this time and we are now back to normal delivery times with the Moto3 :)


Braaap MOTO3, 500km Review
A little background - I'm not an experienced rider.
My last time riding was over 10 years ago, and that wasn't too regular.
I was terrified of traffic on the road so my bike ended up sitting in the garage for years and eventually sold.
Last year I happened upon Braaap's shop in Frankston and my wife suggested I look into getting one again.
No, she doesn't want to cash in my life insurance, she wants to ride one as well 
So I got my L's again at Baylink ride school in Hastings - which I highly recommend.
Now to the bike.
After an excessively long wait after pre-ordering (11.5 months - thats another story I've previously posted on)...
I finally am able to pickup the bike.
I finish work and head over to the Braaap warehouse, the team is staying back late so that I can get my wheels as soon as possible.
These guys are a family business, and my experience with them is they 100% are there for you to their fullest capacity.
So I pickup the bike, Paul walks me through the instruments, Andrea double checks that I'm ok to ride home in the rain (she knows I haven't ridden in years), and I'm off.
First thing to note: This thing is easy to ride.
The clutch is easy, handling is easy.
I'm immediately comfortable on it.
I get home fine and pray for better weather next time I get a chance to ride.
The next couple rides I just take it around the suburban backstreets to get the hang of riding again, now I'm confident enough to take it in to work.
Work is a 45min ride from my place, but I decide to avoid highways until I'm more confident.
Everything is going fine until about 15mins in.
The revs start wobbling up and down, just a little bit at first, then more and more as the ride continues.
Then it starts having trouble starting.
It's getting tougher and tougher to get the thing moving off the line.
I have to rev it hard as I open the clutch otherwise it stalls - something's not right.
I manage to get to work and call them up. We try a few things but its not fixing the problem.
So they stay back late again so I can bring the bike in as soon as I finish work.
It doesn't take Paul long to figure out its a wiring problem - takes him one minute to replace it, problem sorted.
The only thing I had any trouble with at all to begin with was the gear lever is quite sensitive. Sometime's when I'm shifting up, I'll accidentally push it down as I get my foot in position which shifts it down, then I shift it up, and I end up in the same gear.
That might be a common thing with all bikes, I'm not sure. Just something I need to learn to do properly.
Now at the 500k mark, I'm hardly ever having that problem.
I'm taking the freeway in to work, and it's comfortably sitting at 100-110km/h in 6th with revs to spare.
This Moto3 seems to me like a perfect learner bike - it doesn't get off the line too quickly but it's not going to kick out and slide while you're cornering either.
Low speeds are comfortable, highway ~70-80k is comfortable, and freeway riding is about as comfortable as you can expect with a 250cc and a sports bike type ride position.
I waited a long time for this thing, and I'm glad I did.
My only question is when are they gonna make a 500cc version
Worth the wait - Mark Bubb
Additionally See the Facebook post of a braaap review from Bryce :)

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