MX450 - ADR Approval Update

MX450 - ADR Approval Update

Posted by Brad Smith

Hey Guys,

Just a quick update to all those waiting for MX450's to be ADR Approved.

We have received an email from our ADR Consultants & Engineer's who expect the approvals to be issued any day now.

Waiting for Gov't approvals are always an unknown so please see that we are doing everything we can to pass on the info we have at hand, But it appears like good news is just around the corner.

The MX450 has been getting a lot of attention and those who've taken un registered offroad only MX450 bikes home over the past few weeks are loving it, Some have even come back with mates or family to buy a second bike!

I've been loving mine, Actually headed out for a ride tomorrow so stay tuned for Go Pro footage :)

Love your support and thanks for joining us as we do everything we can to bring the #1 Value Bike to the market in the 450cc ADR approved Enduro segment. 

I've uploaded a pic of the email we just received so you have all the info we have. (I blacked out the consultants name so he doesn't get a 100 calls from us all as we all eagerly wait for the bikes to be approved for road use)


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  • Note to anyone scanning the comments. ADR Approval has now been achieved and bikes are ready to hit the road/trails.

    Braaap |

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