Ride Review of Braaap EMTB - Lysterfield

Ride Review of Braaap EMTB - Lysterfield

Posted by Ken Ride

Awesome Morning Riding the Braaap EMTB through the Lysterfield Trails.

Today I did 23.14 KMs in 1.15 hours and the battery ended with 60% Charge still in it.

I am loving Ebiking, Dam it is fun! It's everything I love about Mountain Biking but you get to cover way more ground and don't get totally smashed by hills thats to the Battery!

I have upgraded the front forks in my bike to the Fox 34's, I got them off Marketplace, They bolted straight in, took me 10 mins!

Other than the forks my bikes is stock standard.

I even have the 25Km speed sensor restrictor on it still which means once it gets to 25km/hr no more battery power pedal assist, A gov't rule. I know everyone will find a way to remove this but of course keeping it offical I won't tell you how or show you how & I legit have it on mine still as people seem to want to test ride my bike all the time after I tell them I work at braaap LOL.

Over Summer I rode my Ebike with my wife as we went caravanning, She loves it, My daughter on the back loving it too. 

My In-Laws also re sparked their inner youth and fell in love with Ebiking, Simon may just be Adelaide Hills biggest advocate for Ebiking now!

I share this to show how much Ebiking is fun for everyone, From myself who likes to turn strava on and smash the trails as fast & hard as I can, to my wife who likes sight seeing and just doesn't want to pedal up hills, My daughter on our Daddy Daughter ride dates and even my in-laws who are at the stage of life where they just want to have a nice easy ride for fun or sight seeing, thats the Aim of the EMTB.




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