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Mon, Feb 24, 2020
Brad Smith

We are stoked to launch this "Parts and Accessories" FLASH SALE for those of you who have purchased a braaap Street Superlite SS125 as part of the 2020 model launch.

Please note the prices listed are a flash sale, Its a pre order flash sale. Our instore prices are still at normal retail prices. The parts will arrive in as close to the delivery date of your bike as possible but please forgive us if the timing is out as we can only offer these prices by negotiating with suppliers and placing 1 bulk order to reduce the pricing.

Give this page a moment to load all the parts below and also note the next page button at the bottom, there are multiple pages of parts:)

You can "check out" using ZIP Money, just continue shopping as normal and it will offer the ZIP account right at the end.

I suggest that everyone buy the gearing /sprocket kit!! They are at a really low price in this flash sale because it makes the bike so much nicer on the highway. A smaller rear sprocket and bigger front sprocket will give you between 10-20km/hr higher top speed but the reason I recommend it is because it allows the bike to sit on the highway speed limit with a bit more ease.

Look forward to you getting your bike and your parts.



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