The custom braaap cafe racer

The custom braaap cafe racer

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This is one of the finest braaap Cafe Racers we have seen.

Built by Tasmanian motorcycle enthusiast Mal Innes-Wayling. 

braaap Motorcycles Australia: We are the Australian motorcycle company. We utilise Australian engineering standards and global manufacturing efficiencies to deliver a world class motorcycle that is backed by lifetime warranty and available at a super aggressive price. Read more about us here

The build started as a standard braaap ST-250 Shadow 2015 Mercury Model. 2016 ST-250 Shadows are now available from $4499 or from $23/week on a payment plan to approved purchasers.

Mal built the Custom Cafe from his shed at home.

The old school rustic tank which Mal fitted to the braaap makes it one of a kind. The tank is set off by a matching front guard which has been shortened and given the same rustic finish as the tank. Mal took 3 inches out of the front fork length giving the bike a low and compact look.

The headlight bracket was adjusted to bring the headlight 20mm closer to the forks, the speedo bracket was adjusted to lower the gauges 15mm which gives a clean and compact finish to the front end of the motorcycle. Subtle refinements like this are the attention to detail that makes building your own cafe racer rewarding.

The battery eliminator is one of the most popular cafe racer customisations. Achieved by removing the standard battery mount and airbox. Usually, an aftermarket battery is fitted up under the seat however Mal has utilised the standard battery by remounting it just above the swing arm pivot, you can just see it in this picture above. The air box is removed and an aftermarket paper-based air filter is installed. (Note; Not ideal for wet riding conditions)

The exhaust is adjusted and the standard muffler replaced with Mal's aftermarket version, it puts out a superb note with this muffler installed.

Mal has played inside the top end of the engine by match porting and smoothening out the flow of the head. Mid range performance is improved enough for an average rider to notice the difference.

 The final touch on the "Mad Merc" is the clip-on handlebars and rear set foot pegs.

The bars give that race look and feel while the rear set foot pegs get the feet off the ground and give plenty of lean angles just like the old school cafe racers that inspired this build.

A picture of the Mad Merc in Mal's garage mid build. As you can see it took some different direction before the final detail was nailed.

Here at braaap we are the Australian motorcycle company, The braaap ST250 is backed by our Lifetime Warranty and available on our weekly payment plans from $23 a week, or from $4,449 out right.



The Lifetime Warranty is still valid when you customise your motorcycle, please read the terms and conditions at your local dealership for clarity please call us on 1300 27 22 27. 



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