Why riding to work is the equivelant of a 5% pay rise

Why riding to work is the equivelant of a 5% pay rise

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Motorcycling is giving the average Aussie a 5% pay rise.

If you earn 60k/ year and we save you 3k per year that’s the same as a 5% pay rise, actually after tax you’d need to earn over $6,000 bonus to get $3,000 in your back pocket.

“Time is a non-renewable asset, We go to work to trade time for money”

The problem is none of us are paid for the commute to and from work.

This article is an overview of how I have saved 30 minutes a day or 2.5 hours a week which compounded over the course of a year works out to 3 full working weeks a year, How I have saved $3284 per year and had a tonne of fun doing it.

  This is why I ride a motorcycle to work.

1. Money 

The reason I work is to earn money. I like my job but I like the weekend way more. I’m a numbers guy so I wanted to know the numbers on what it cost me to get to and from work every day.

I figured for every $5,000 a year I can save on the commute it’s the same as my boss giving me a $9,800 bonus thanks to the Australian taxman taking 48 cents in every dollar of bonus’s paid.

Riding a motorcycle to work saves me $3284 a year which is over 60 bucks in the week to week expenses; excluding the amount my car devalues every year in comparison to my motorcycle.

Including depreciation, the Motorcycle puts me closer to $10,000 a year ahead of the car. That’s more like a $20,000 bonus I’d need to cover the car.

My car costs $482 a year to insure, My bike is $324, My car costs $875 to service and my bike costs $159, my car costs $12 a day to park where my motorcycle is free, My car uses more than twice the fuel and tyres are 6x more expensive for my car than my motorcycle.

I’m the kind of person who sells his car, banks the money, puts his bike on one of the Interest-free payment plans and rides into the sunset.

Phil - The Moto3 has been awesome, I love the look and feel of the bike, would highly recommend.

2. Time

    I work 11km from my house which in a car at peak hour can take up to an hour. On a train, it's 40 minutes plus a 7-minute walk to and from the station.

    My Motorcycle takes 18 minutes, I park at the front door and have no walking time.

    In my state it's legal to split lanes (Only recently land splitting became legal, I've always done it though)

    Again I’m a numbers guy and I worked out that even if I saved 15 minutes in the morning, that means I get to see my son for 15 minutes longer before school starts, which based on the fact that he is only awake for 90 minutes before he goes to school I will actually get to spend 16% more time with my son in the morning.

    That 15 minutes is doing up shoe laces, making sure he starts the day with a positive chat, or just packing lunch and being together. Maybe the most important 15 minutes of his day.

    If I get home 15 minutes earlier based on him only being home for 3 hours before he goes to bed I get an extra 6% more time with him, This is usually throwing the ball and doing stuff.

    So for every day I ride to work I get an extra half hour with my Son, this means I get to be involved in an extra 22% of his time, “at home awake” time.

    Or I couldn’t just remind myself that I frigging hate traffic, I hate public transport and I hate wasting time in the car.

    I love it enough to blog about it.

      Ok so I told you I love saving money, I love saving time but maybe the most important thing is I love the freedom of riding a motorcycle. Nothing beats rocking up to work with a smile on your face. Yeah sometimes work sucks, but getting here never does.

      Riding a motorcycle to work came with a few concerns for me, the first of which was that I love to talk on my mobile phone, I’m on the thing all day, every day.

      I purchased a blue tooth connector that is voice activated, I talk all the way to work sometimes, or listen to music, the radio or sometimes I just ride and enjoy the sound of my bike. Most importantly I have options such as the new blue tooth devices.

      I was worried about not being able to see my phone and what’s happening, so I purchased a phone holder to keep all my info right in front of me on my dash. I can voice-activate my SMS replies, emails or calls. See my social media coming in. 

      4. I don't get wet or dirty

      I've purchased a set of wet weathers that live under my seat, I've worn them 2 times, I arrived dry, warm and all good. I hate catching the train on rainy days cause its so packed, I hate driving on rainy days because it's hectic, so I still ride. I just put my wet weathers over the top of my suit.

      5. It's not 

      Again I’m never cold, with my jacket, my pants, and my neck warmer I'm good to go no matter what the weather, sure if I rode in a  t-shirt I'd be cold but I have the right gear so no problem.

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