Work Sucks, Getting there doesn't!

Work Sucks, Getting there doesn't!

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We all know what a pain in the butt traffic can be at the best of times going to and from work. Do you ever get that feeling that the number of cars on the road seems to double if you leave that 5-10 minutes later than usual?

We know it does for us.

That’s why we ride to and from work. Over time a lot of people have always seen motorcycles as a recreational machine, while this is still true today motorcycles also play a bigger role in our day to day lives if we let them and there are plenty of benefits to go along with it. For a start...

It’s Fun!

Why sit in traffic for longer than you need to when you could ride the bike? You have to admit, it's a lot more fun straight up, it gets the blood flowing and you get a sense that you're alive.

It's Faster

Lane splitting is now legal in most states (check your local gov website) and this spells shortcuts for bikes. No more waiting at the end of the traffic jam, simply split the middle and carry through to the front, for me personally it cuts 30 minutes off my travel to work.

It’s Cheaper

Much cheaper, a bike will do around 2.5ltr per 100km, even in traffic, so they are hugely better on fuel, which means….. You save. This may not sound like much, but when you break it down and put it over a year, it’s pretty large. For example:

Average car gets around 10ltr per 100km if you're lucky

If you drive 100km per week that’s a cost of $12 per week (@1.2 per Ltr)

If you ride 100km per week that’s a cost of around $3 per week
That's a saving of around $468 per year.
And that is just the fuel… The car is also a lot more expensive to run day to day. You have 4 tyres to replace, a larger engine to service, more to clean... The list goes on.

braaap cafe racer in traffic

It’s just as warm

Yeah, I know what your thinking, a Melbourne, Adelaide or Tasmanian winter will kill that idea, but I have news for you, if you are prepared right you will be toasty all year round.

Items such as: heated hand grips, heated jackets, pullover leathers and woollen gloves you won’t even be thinking about how cold it is outside of your winter suit.

Social Currency

There is no better feeling that standing around before or after work chewing the cud with your mates from work about your trip in, or the bike itself, it’s a great conversation starter and you'll have more friends from riding a bike (not a proven fact LOL)

Worry less about parking

It’s the bane of driving a car in the big city. Even the smaller ones. Parking is a necessary evil of the working world, it’s expensive, it fills up fast and it requires you normally to have to park and walk a distance to work every day.

With a bike it’s a different story, if you have a half decent boss he will let you park in the foyer, every foyer needs a bike after all. If you live in one of the area’s that allows motorcycle parking on the footpath..well your clearly in luck and even if you don't have either of these.

Remember your bike does not take up a lot of room, you can tuck it behind your building, put it in the ally, or speak to your local ticket man, pay him off and park on the side… (Kidding, that would be unethical of course and maybe while I'm at it, avoid exit ways and stairwells.. These areas are not a good idea)


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