Work Sucks, Getting there doesn't!

Work Sucks, Getting there doesn't! read more

We all know what a pain in the butt traffic can be at the best of times going to and from work. Do you ever get that feeling that the number of cars on the road seems to double if you leave that 5-10 minutes later than usual? We know it does for us. That’s why we ride to and...

The custom braaap cafe racer

The custom braaap cafe racer read more

This is one of the finest braaap Cafe Racers we have seen. Built by Tasmanian motorcycle enthusiast Mal Innes-Wayling.  braaap Motorcycles Australia: We are the Australian motorcycle company. We utilise Australian engineering standards and global manufacturing efficiencies to deliver a world class motorcycle that is backed by lifetime warranty and available at a super aggressive price. Read more about us...

Custom Cafe Racer Blog

Custom Cafe Racer Blog read more

The Custom cafe racer for the braaap ST250 which is know by its model names the ATLAS, SHADOW, CADET and formally the Mercury.   

Stay warm no matter the weather

Stay warm no matter the weather read more

The winter blues. We have all experienced them short days, cold and rainy, but how many overcome them, winter is actually a great time of the year when you take a step back. The air is clean and crisp, the days while short are normally sunny, the coffee is hotter than normal and a baked meal never tasted better.Riding a...

Youth Ranges

Youth Ranges read more

We have gone all out with the development of our kid's range. Starting from the ground up revamping the frame, suspension package and safety systems including; hydraulic disc brakes, restrictable throttle and training wheels. (Training wheels sold separately) We have revised the steering, electric start and the geometry of the bike making 2016 braaap MX-50F the best decision for any parent...

Our 5 step Learn to Ride Program

Our 5 step Learn to Ride Program read more

The braaap come and try days are designed to invite you along to test out our motorcycles or if you're new to our sport take a lesson with one of our coaches. The 5 step learn to ride process has a 100% safety rating and in 30 minutes we will have you, no matter your age, up and riding.  ...