Kenda Rally - 150km of trails on the MX450

Kenda Rally - 150km of trails on the MX450

Posted by Ken Ride

Awesome day at the 2021 Kenda Rally.

We took 2x MX450's, These are our long term test bikes. They didn't miss a beat all day! We didn't pull one tool out of the toolbag over 150km of trails.

We left the event on a high after a day or shredding through some amazing trails, the riding was awesome, the views were outstanding from the top of the rubicon national park and there is nothing like a day out riding with your mates.

We took extra fuel in our back packs as we were not sure if the 8L tank on the MX450 would get us through the 82Km first loop, but it did and there was no need for extra fuel. We rode with a group of our mates; one on a Gasgas 300cc, another on a Husaberg 300 2 stroke & another on a Yamaha YZ450 with long range tank and rec rego kit. We take off in groups of 10 and there were a few blokes riding with us on KTM exc's. 

The promise of the MX450 is that you can get a bike on the trails at a fraction of the price, but a bike that does not lack in horse power, brakes or any spec so that you can ride with your mates who have spent $13,000 - $20,000 on their Japanese or European branded bike. 

The favourite part of my ride is ripping past KTM guys on my braaap MX450 haha, Yes I suffer from white line fever and am way to competitive. 

We took the hard line at each check point and at one point had to wait over an hour because so many blokes were stuck on a hill. 

I lent a bike to my mate who flew down for the event, He usually ride a KTM450 with his suspension tuned and fitted with aftermarket parts, worth close to 20k new, so it was a great testimony to the MX450 that he could hit the electric start button all day and the bike rode the 150KM with out even touching a spanner. Mark got the first crash out of the way 5 mins in by cross rutting a muddy wash out, then binned it on a steep hill climb (Every one of us in our group crashed on that hill LOL), and then right at the end of the day rode it off the edge of the gravel fire trail road and ripped the side plastics off it, Yep he gave the MX450 a full work out for us!

We rode stock MX450's. A few suggestions I have after the weekend.

1. Get the braaap CNC radiator guards. We crashed a lot and while we didn't brake any radiators we did bend one.

2. Get the braaap hand guards, We didn't break any elvers but dam we must have been close, Marks bike has levers bent every which way after a few crashes.

3. Consider a cooling fan. I had a radiator cooling fan on my bike and Mark didn't on his. We sat in traffic waiting for other riders which throw's the engine temp through the roof, We didn't boil the bikes at all but it was on my mind as a risk.

4. Consider a long range tank if going further than 70km. We rode 2 loops so were able to come back for fuel, I got through 82km and the tank was close to empty. We can fit an acerbis, safari or IMS long rank tank on the bikes.

We turned a lot of heads and won the credibility from a lot of riders who saw us ride the bikes hard with out any mechanical issues. With 500 bikes on the line there were mechanicals happening through out the day, especially from the boys who ride older model bikes. It is our goal with the MX450 to be able to offer the bike brand new to riders at the same price a second hand Jap or Euro branded bike would be, the dilemma we create is do you want to buy a second hand well known brand bike with the risk of issues or buy a new braaap MX450 with lifetime warranty and get that new bike buzz!!


Pics and Video to be added to this blog real soon



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