Braaap Update - October 2nd 2020

The website is operated by PWS Motorcycles, Your Licensed Braaap Dealer. For any sales enquiry's please contact the dealer team on or 0499 27 22 27

The below statement is from the Braaap head office to all dealers and customers:


Hey Guys,

Thanks to everyone who is with us and supporting us through all that 2020 has thrown our way.

We are beginning to see things come into order and expect some bikes to begin riding away next week.

We posted some updates on the braaap facebook page again this week

Our summer sale continues, there are huge incentives to those who are willing to buy now, most bikes half price but the built to order process carry's risk of delay so please read all the info before you buy. Don't buy if a delay will cause you any type of distress, the discount is designed to make it worth the wait. is your licensed braaap dealer so please go to them for all sales enquiries.

Below is an update on each model's delivery date estimate, Please give us grace in this time as we've found it impossible to deliver bikes on time due to the Gov't delays and then C19 lockdowns. The dates we've estimated below are our best guess based on where we are today however there is the unknown of any 2020 curves balls that could cause these to change.

There are some people who have recently purchased on the "built to order promo and have full understanding that there is a risk of delay, big thanks to you guys for taking us up on the "worth your wait" promo and then there are a group of people who purchased before we knew there would be delays in 2020 and to those people I just want to say another huge thank you for your support and patience even though its been un fair on you to have to wait.

We are reliant on everyone sticking with us and we are fully committed to fighting all the way through until everyone gets their bike.

We can't wait to see everyone riding!!

To anyone on this email who is thinking about buying a bike while they are on the huge promo please read the specific details on the bikes delivery date when ordering via the licensed dealer as we dont want any one to order whom a delay will cause distress.

The dealer team are always here to chat. 0499 27 22 27.


SS125 & DIRT estimated date is December 16th 2020.

Moto3 orders placed before June 30 - Bikes in stock, Ready to ride most likely next week.

Moto3 orders placed between July 1st and August 15th - Bikes on Water. Arriving Late October, Riding mid November.

Moto3 Orders placed between August 16th and Now - Bikes due to ship late October, Ride away end of November.

ST250 - Pls see the update posted on facebook below

"ST250 owners whom are waiting for bikes to be delivered: Today we received a phone call from the department whom we are waiting on for approval to release the motorcycles. They informed us that next week we will be receiving the response from them which will give us our way to resolve the delays and get bikes delivered. Most pre ordered bikes are built and just waiting for the Gov't approval. Depending on when you purchased your bike the first to receive their bike will be 30-45 days after we are given the approvals. It's been 7 weeks (50 Days) since the last piece of ST250 communication received from them. I don't say that to disrespect the Government or their employee's, but to give you as much visibility as possible on how difficult it is for us to project the exact delivery date. We are so grateful to everyone who has stuck with us patiently though 2020 and the huge amount of challenges that have been thrown our way due to the delays with Gov't. We will get there and we are going to throw a party when we finally get the green light to deliver the ST250 bikes!! We will invite you to a ZOOM call as soon as we receive the letter."

Thanks heaps guys!!

Have an awesome weekend!!