Built to Order - Delivery Update - ST250

Hey Guys,

This page is to capture the updates on the ST250 delivery, This update was sent out on Saturday 29/8/20 via email to all of you whom are eagerly awaiting the delivery of your bike.

Please see below.


Hey Guys,

Brad here, Shooting an update to all those waiting for the ST250 Cafe Racer to arrive.

Please see the video below for an update on where we are at.

Firstly I just want to thank you that you’ve chosen the buy a braaap, it means a lot to us & I can’t wait to see you ride!

I need to apologise again to those whom have been delayed this year, its unfair and its been to long, I am so sorry and embarrassed that we are delayed in delivering the 2020 model ST-250. I know it effects some people as they rely on their bike for transport and to others even just the fact that the delay has created uncertainty for you has caused myself, and family to loose sleep. We hate that 2020 has not gone to plan.

The disorder of 2020 has cost us greatly but we are moving forwards and we will not give up. All things will come into order and we are 100% committed to ensuring every person gets their desired outcome, either their bike or a refund.

Some people receiving this update purchased knowing delays were a high probability because as the year has progressed we have done better and better at communicating the discounts as a way of making it “worth the wait”, but there are others who purchased well before we knew there would be such significant delays in 2020.

So I am addressing both groups at once, which means I have a lot of people who are just eager and patiently waiting for their bike at the same time as addressing a group of ppl who are just outright pissed off about the delays.

I have to start by saying bringing some truth and giving you some certainty to the situation.

In no way did we expect a delay like we’ve experienced this year.

In no way does this delay benefit us.

In no way have we purposely down played the risk of delay, this is especially addressing those people who purchased bikes at the start of the year when we didn’t know that there would be a delay.

We have done and continue to do everything possible to deliver bikes as quickly as possible, this includes hiring consultants, speaking to the deputy prime minister, members for parliament, small business ombudsman, family business ombudsman & the administrator of vehicle standards - effectively we’ve been pursuing any one who has the ability to see our bikes approved for delivery.

We are not blaming C19, however C19 has added to the delays significantly, for example are not able to call the staff at department of infrastructure at the moment.

Yes braaap is strong however we are vulnerable and we do need your cooperation & patience in order to make sure everyone gets successful outcome.

We have just seen the Moto3 begin to be delivered, it is a great example that things are coming into order & bikes are being delivered.

Hopefully you’ve seen the photos of your ST250 being built, we have 100’s built and more ready for immediate assembly as soon as Approvals are received.

I know that some of you have felt our response to those who have requested refunds has been harsh. It is by no means our intention to cause any of our customers any type of distress, which is why we are absolutely committed to getting everyone a successful outcome be that either a bike or a refund. However there are some major practical limitations that make a refund request incredibly difficult for us. The promotion is designed to cut out every cost possible in order to deliver you a bike at the lowest possible price, this is why the bike is less than half price, to do this we are building your bike as soon as you order, this means as soon as you pay us we outlay the funds to build the bike - therefore any refunds have to come out of the working capital from ongoing sales. This means our ability to refund is only proportional to our ability to sell motorcycles, hence why we need your support so that everyone can get a successful outcome.

This is why I have had to make tough decisions regarding those who’ve requested refunds, even though some people have gone to great lengths to cause us pain. My first priority remains that we need to keep braaap moving forwards so that you can get a your bike or your refund.

As you already know we began the build of your bike as soon as you paid, this means we outlaid the funds, we have 100’s of motorcycles built and in storage. Our delay is a result of our standard import approvals not yet being approved by the department of infrastructure.

This week I have received pivotal information from the department and will give you a full overview of the process to move forwards in this message I have recorded and attached below.

We will get there!!

Thank you to those who are with us, We are incredibly grateful, together we can keep braaap strong. No matter what is thrown at us we are committed to building top quality bikes & delivering them to the market at super aggressive price points, we wont give up and we can not wait to see you off and riding your braaap!



- I am with you and eager for my bike to arrive, keep pushing & get it to me as soon as possible.

- I'd like to swap to a Moto3 if that means I can ride sooner > Click here

- I'd like to apply for a refund if possible (This will be slow) > Click here


Additional to this update I've recorded a quick response to a few extra questions that came up in response to my video message.

1. Is there a change to the bike that triggered the bike to not be approved the same as the Moto3 has been?

The ST250 Motorcycle is the same as the last shipment, there are no changes to the motorcycle and therefore no reason for it not to be approved.

2. Is there anything we can do as a group to help? For example lobby the Government?

I appreciate this question! Great thinking. At this point I don't believe this is possible as we are bound by the Government's confidentiality conditions which means we don't think we are allowed to reveal the names of those who are reviewing our case. We will continue to seek advice on this as I know there are dozens of ppl who are ready to offer support if it will help. 

My main appeal to you is to refrain from joining any hate campaign against us in this time, We are truly doing our best to navigate through circumstances that are not fair nor were they foreseen. Those who are causing us huge amounts of pain and attacking us online & on the phones really aren't helping the situation come in to order, It just adds weight. For everyone to get a successful outcome we need to see braaap remain strong & we are, although we are frustrated we are strong and will weather this storm in time. We've had so much great support this week which makes a huge difference to us and I am incredibly grateful to those people who've emailed us with support & encouragement, I printed every message and have read them out multiple times as we've been in a real battle and this type of encouragement from you strengthens us, so thank you!!