Dec 9 2020 - Delivery & Production updates

Hey Guys,

It is so good to say that the production facility here in Frankston is full with bikes and staff. All systems GO!!

We have hired more staff and extra warehouse space in order to get you on the road sooner.

Below is a delivery update for each type of bike:

1. ST250 SHADOW Cafe Racer - All bikes are on their way to us for final assembly. Most of the bikes were built & waiting for approvals to be sent which is why we've been able to get them booked for shipping so quick. We need 2 hours per bike once it arrives for final assembly, test ride etc. Some people will be on the road late December I hope and most people will be on the road in January. It's first ordered first served. We have said to any one who is only just making a purchase now to expect their bike to be last built which would be Feb/March. We will be more specific on your individual delivery dates in the coming few weeks.

2. Moto3 - Shipment LAU1 is fully delivered, FMC001 is being delivered as we speak & will be fully collected by the couriers by the end of this week, regional crew will have their bikes some time next week. FMC002 arrives Tomorrow (Dec 10th) & Friday and we need to have everyone on the road before Christmas so the team are full bore to get you on the road beginning with first ppl riding away on Saturday :). FMC003 has suffered from logistical issues, We have half of the FMC003 bikes arriving late December (Maybe Early Jan) which will be given to those who ordered between Sept 29 - Oct 25 (FMC003a), We had a last minute delay from our tank manufacture who has been delayed due to issues sourcing the raw materials, the Second batch of FMC003 will now be referred to as FMC003b and is due to arrive later in January this will fulfil orders between Oct 26 - Dec 1st. FMC004 is for orders placed Dec 2 forwards this is expected to be delivered Feb 1 but pls stay tuned for more specific updates, we are doing our best to get ahead of the curve and we have gone ahead and began the process of manufacturing FMC004 and FMC005 ahead of time. 

3. SUPERLITE - SS125 & DIRT. These were expected to arrive December 16th, We have not yet got official word but it looks like it's going to be delayed by a couple of weeks. I would set your expectation that you will be riding mid January. Sorry these have been continually pushed back, We have built extra bikes in order to get ahead and deliver on time for any one who purchased recently. We are extending a huge apology to those who've been eagerly waiting and unfairly delayed. We will have you riding real soon and hope that you can say it was worth the wait.