Jan 4th Delivery & Production Update - CAFE RACERS ARE HERE!!!!

Happy New Year guys!! 

Stoked to start 2021 with some good news!! ST250 Cafe Racers have arrived!

The first containers of bikes have arrived at the Melbourne Port, We will get them on Wednesday in our warehouse. 

The team will begin by completing the Quality Control Audits for the Aus Gov't & then fire up assembly to get bikes built, Its takes around 2 hours per bike to do final assembly here in Frankston. People will be riding next week. We will begin making calls to arrange delivery on Wednesday this week so please dont call us yet as the admin team are overwhelmed with calls, every person will get a call before bikes are delivered. So stoked to finally be arranging delivery for those who've waited so long!

Today we take the keys of a new warehouse, and next week we have extra staff starting. This is all part of our focus on getting everyone on the road as soon as possible. 

1. ST250 - All bikes ordered rom Oct 2019 - October 2020 will be delivered by mid Feb, Starting with deliveries next week.

Anyone who purchased in Nov/December 2020 or is looking to buy today will expect to be on the road late Feb, early March. We are filling orders for those who've waited the longest first.

2. Moto3 - LA01, FMC001, FMC002, are all fully delivered now, the team did a massive effort to get them to couriers pre Christmas. FMC003 has suffered from logistical issues, We have half of the FMC003 bikes arriving next week, which will be given to those who ordered between Sept 29 - Oct 25 (FMC003a), We had a last minute delay from our tank manufacture who has been delayed due to issues sourcing the raw materials, the Second batch of FMC003 will now be referred to as FMC003b and is due to arrive later in January this will fulfil orders between Oct 26 - Dec 1st. FMC004 is for orders placed Dec 2 forwards this is expected to be delivered Feb 1 but pls stay tuned for more specific updates, we are doing our best to get ahead of the curve and we have gone ahead and began the process of manufacturing FMC004 and FMC005 ahead of time. 

The sale continues for the Moto3 and we expect anyone who buys now will get their bike in the 60 day build to order timeframe.

3. SUPERLITE - SS125 & DIRT: We have not yet got official word but it looks like it's going to be delayed by a couple of weeks. I would set your expectation that you will be riding late January. The SS/DIRT superlite has become our most challenging bike with these last delays causing us frustration. We have all approvals etc in place now its final logistic's issues we are fighting through, Sorry these have been continually pushed back, I know its unfair and we are doing everything we can to get them here fast. We are extending a huge apology to those who've been eagerly waiting and unfairly delayed. We will have you riding asap and hope that you can say it was worth the wait.