Ride Club

The Future of Motorcycling

More Bikes, More Riding.

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About the Ride Club

Un Matched Value for riders.

$77/week gives you access to the full fleet of bikes, Keep one at your house & swap it for any of the ride club fleet at any time. We do the maintenance, we pay the rego, insurance, roadside.

$25/week gives you keys to the Ride Club fleet of bikes. Ride any of the bikes, unlimited KM's, 60 Days of riding per year. Bike stored at the Ride Club shed.


Better than owning one bike

With a fleet filled with all types of bikes Ride Club is the ultimate motorcycling experience. You will never take out a loan for a bike again! Membership is the new Ownership

Membership = Ownership

Revolutionising the ownership of motorcycles.

No More Debt. No More Maintenance. No Strings Attached.

Why own one bike when you can own the keys to a fleet of bikes?

$25/week Membership gives you the keys to the shed. Ride the bike you want.

Unlimited KM's