ST250 Update - Braaap Shadow - 30/10/2020

Hey Guys!

I'm finally coming to you with some progress today!

Last night we received an email from the department regarding the ST250 approval.

They have requested confirmation of our documentation, testing reports & evidence so they can review for approval.

This is great news because as mentioned in the recent updates we've completed our own internal audit's of our documentation by engaging specialised engineers. This means we have a great team guiding us, People who know the departments requirements inside & out.

This is a huge breakthrough for us as we have been waiting so long to hear a way forward, Its such a relief to be able to say things are coming into order. As mentioned in other updates all we need is for the department to review our documentation as it will allow them to issue approvals.

The Moto3 was given its approvals quickly once the department reviewed all of its documentation so lets hope for the same with the ST250. We do not know their timeline so please stay tuned for any updates as soon as we hear.

All of you whom have purchased an ST250 will be given priority and have your bikes delivered first.

We have 100's of bikes built ready to ship to Aus for final assembly & we have already began the process of hiring more staff as well as an extra warehouse so that we can get you on the road as fast as possible once approvals are in hand!

Thank you so much for your patience and support while we have waited and waited. We are not riding yet but this is a huge milestone and we will be delivering bikes as soon as Government approvals are in our hands.

Please stick with us, please stay patient. We are pushing hard to get everyone on the road as quickly as possible.

Super grateful to you for supporting us through a wild and difficult 2020.

A note for anyone who is looking at buying an ST250, There will be a price rise as of Monday. If you purchase this weekend please don't expect your bike until Feb/March because we will be giving full priority to those who have purchased already and been waiting. Our goal is always to be Aus #1 Value bike on the road & our "Built to order" promo allows us to pass on huge amounts of savings because we only build what we sell, This means your bike will be built once you place an order, please read all the contract details issued by the dealer you purchase from because we do not want any one to buy the bike if a delay will cause any distress. Dropping the price from $4,500 down to $2,189 is a huge incentive to make it worth the wait. The exclusive online dealer for braaap is PWS Motorcycles. Go over to to buy from them, they can help you on 0499 27 22 27 too :)

Thanks everyone!!

Just stoked to see some progress! Appreciate you supporting us and keen as to see you on the road!!