Hey Guys,

We are always looking for ways to create un-matched value for riders. With this in mind we have been working hard on a new concept that we believe could change the game in the way riders own their bikes.


If we said for $37/week you have the keys to a shed full of bikes, the full braaap fleet, every model. Unlimited KM's of riding and you dont have to worry about rego, insurance, loans, roadside, maintenance, warranty, servicing, cleaning or depreciation. All you do is ride! Would you agree thats almost too good to be true type of value?

Well we think we've cracked the code on how to make this work and we want to trial it for local customers in Melbourne (Frankston) this Summer.

We are opening it up to 25 riders.

  • $500 joining fee. Then $37/week membership.

  • Unlimited KM's, Unlimited Days of riding.

  • Bike must be collected and brought back to the Frankston warehouse each day. ($100/week fee if you take the bike over night)

  • Not for commercial use.

Keen to join > click here

Your membership will begin January 15th 2023.

Any questions regarding this concept please go through this link here > Click here.