What happened to braaap - Moto3 Delivery and Review

What happened to braaap with the 2020 delivery's? Good news!!1 They are starting to be delivered!!!

See a post post on facebook from Harley Grey who received his bike last week.


Story time!
I got my moto3 last night.
It's sick, i can't wait to ride it.
It's made by Braaaap, Australia's only motorbike company. They have a little shop in Frankston, it's a family run business. They design the bikes themselves and have them manufactured in China. One of the engineers overseeing and collaborating with them in production used to work with the Honda Moto GP team i believe. Pretty cool 😎😎
I'm not here to show off though, I'm here to rant.
I bought this bike in a pre-sale in October 28, 2019.
The bikes were on target to new manufactured, shipped and be on road in late December 2019.... So I waited almost a year.
Small Business in Australia for the most part is in crisis right now for obvious reasons.
What's not obvious is why it took more than 6 months for Australia's **only motorbike company** to receive permission from the department of infrastructure to import this batch of bikes.
This has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with the shambling inept ineffective beurocratic organism that can bog down anyone who has to deal with it in a cesspool of red tape and frustration.
I actually contacted 5 local, state and federal MPs asking what the hell is going on with their approval process to import the bikes and clear them for on-road registration.
The MPs who replied told me they had been advocating already on Braaap's behalf and didn't understand why the dept. of infrastructure was stalling on the approvals.
Additionally they told me they had investigated the situation and Braaaap had been active and prompt in supplying everything that was required in that process - previous to that i had my doubts about the business because i had trouble believing that the beurocratic process could possibly take that long.
I know Braaaap don't want to badmouth the government but I will.
They are letting us down in a time where we need them to AT LEAST DO THEIR JOBS so they can facilitate the running of businesses that are actually allowed to operate at the moment, businesses which are trying their best to operate within tightly regulated industries.
Ok end rant.
I'm super happy with the bike, hope there's some nice weather this weekend