Braaap Motorcycles Australia present the E-MTB!

Taking everything that has been learned from developing world class and aggressively prices motorcycles, the all new E-MTB from braaap is designed to shake up the Electric Powered Mountain bike market.

The bike is offered with good quality components and backed by the braaap Lifetime Warranty, It is the perfect base bike for your custom E-MTB build as you add on your favourite brand component aftermarket, Build your personalised E-MTB at a fraction of the cost of buying a major brand bike.

The Build to Order concept allows us to deliver you a bike in the most cost effective way, and pass on the savings.

Buy the keys to your bike now for $500, pay the balance when the bike is ready for delivery in 60-100 days. ($2,680 less $500 = $2,180 Balance)

PROMO PRICE : $2,680, Usual RRP $4,790.



- Non Refundable Promotion, Delivery dates are estimates. Please refer to the sale agreement. 

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    E-MTB Keys

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The all new Braaap CRUISER is launching with a huge promo offer!

Designed to be Australia’s #1 Value Cruiser, the parallel twin 400cc powered cruiser is equiped with ABS brakes & ready to be personalised with your choice of upgrades from the customisation, options & upgrades catalogue.


Thanks to the extra energy and effort that goes into our manufacturing process we are the only motorcycle manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Warranty.

The Lifetime Warranty is designed to give new braaap owners absolute certainty for the lifetime of their ownership of the motorcycle.

Our Lifetime Warranty has 3 key conditions to consider:

- You pay for it: The cost is $250.
- It is not transferrable. It is for the lifetime of your ownership of the bike
- You must service your bike inline with the service guidelines. You can complete the service your self or pay for a qualified mechanic of your choice.

How to buy

To secure yourself a bike while the promo sale is on please click on "BUY NOW" or “PAYMENT PLAN".

If you “buy now” please ensure you’ve read and understood this is an unconditional sale agreement, Delivery times are estimates and the huge discount is designed to make it worth your wait.

If you have any questions or want to chat to us please click here to speak to us or call us on 0499 27 22 27

Once you've paid your bike will be manufactured, your bike is estimated to be ready to collect from our warehouse in Frankston on September 1st (Estimate). We can Arrange to deliver the bike to your house but this will be at an extra cost arranged closer to delivery time, Most of our customers are interstate :)

The promo price does not include rego or on roads, you can pay your rego directly to the transport office once you receive the bike or if you are in victoria we can get it on the road for $380.

This “Build to Order” promo is a huge discount to make it “worth the wait”.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will sit on the highway with Comfort. We have had reports from customers who’ve taken them to test track and hit over 140km/hr -160km/hr.

Lifetime Warranty is $250 to validate and covers all moving parts - the whole bike. Its for the original owner only, you need to service your bike and obviously wear n tear is not coverer nor is damage from an accident.

Yes please call us on 0499272227, If we dont answer SMS. Also go to @braaaponline Facebook and also YouTube as we do regular livestreams. Once you buy we invite you to a ZOOM call to welcome all new buyers for the month, you can ask any questions before and after you make the purchase.

We started in 2005. We have been named Australian specialised retail business of the year 4 times and we are a family business who expect to be #1 value in the segments of the market we build bikes. Our lifetime warranty and low weekly payment plan options make us one of the most popular bikes on the road.

We once had 45 dealers across the country, we have completely shifted our business model and now service all braaap owners directly. Our "manufacture direct to market" model is a radical change in our business model and the reason we can offer such aggressive pricing in the “:Built to order” promotions. We do our best to make you feel part of our local dealership, you are welcome to give us a call or a FaceTime (video) call us or just SMS us to ask any questions. Our best number is the mobile on 0499 27 22 27. Here at PWS Motorcycles we are the exclusive online dealer for Braaap Motorcycles in Australia

To maintain your lifetime warranty you can service your bike at any mechanical workshop or motorcycle dealership, it doesn't have to be affiliated to us. We can also help you identify a service centre. The braaap motorcycles are very simple to work on so any motorcycle mechanic will be able to look after you which gives I us a great advantage in making sure the most regional of customers can be well supported. We stock thousands of spare parts which makes the parts side of servicing very easy, usually we overnight freight parts with Australia post. You can also sign up for “self Service” which allows you the forms to service the bike your self and still maintain your lifetime warranty.

We design and develop the motorcycle here in Australia, to Australian engineering standards, our quality system is audited here by the Australian government and our world manufacturing identification (WMI) number identifies us globally as an Australian based manufacture. We are the only Australian motorcycle company to hold an Australian based World Manufactures Identifier. We utilise production partners from different parts of the world and our major assembly location is in China. Our Australian team of people lead the production to ensure that our saftey, quality and consistency standards are met during each production run. Each motorcycle is hand finished by qualified mechanics at our dealerships in Australia. Our aim is to ensure we produce our product at aggressive price points and always inline with high quality standards so that we can back it up with our lifetime warranty program.

  • E-MTB Keys

    E-MTB Keys

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