C-19 Promo

C-19 Promo

Posted by Dealer Team


Brad Smith - BRAAAP Motorcycles Founder

Hey Guys,

Thanks heaps for checking out what we do here at braaap!

Just touching base with those who responded to our recent promo.

If you want to buy please click on the menu above this page and go to the bike you are looking at: You can purchase via this page (Add to cart). The dealer is licensed via the website and will process you payment, invoice you, send you your contract etc etc. 

If you haven't had your questions answered please sms 0499 27 22 27. We do have a delay in getting to everyone due to so many calls coming through so please send any questions via SMS or just let us know you are waiting for a call :)

If you want 12 months interest free finance please sms your name, email and which model you want to 0499 27 22 27.

We are here to help and apologise if there is a bit of a delay in calling you, the sale will last for at least the next few days so please don't feel pressure to buy immediately but understand it is limited delivery will be on a first in first served basis :)


Thanks Heaps!!!