Dirt Bikes

At braaap we are all about creating experiences, experiences designed to make you feel alive. That's exactly what the braaap MX Superlite range offers. You may also know these bikes by pit bike, mini bike, 50, dirt bike or off road motorcycle. But it doesn't matter what you call them as long as you have fun riding them!

The difference between a motorbike and a dirt bike?

A Motorbike, Motorcycle, Motard or Road bike is compliant for road use and can be registered. It has more slick road use tyres and less aggressive suspension than that of the dirt bike as its use iof for the road and not all-terrain or jumps ect.. On the other side is the dirt dike, off road Motorcycle, superlite bike or enduro bike. These bikes have knobby tires for gripping the dirt and much more adjustable suspension than that of the road bike to suit off-road tracks, ruts, bumps, jumps and all different terrains.

braaap offer's the best quality and value for money on off road motorcycle's. Off Road motorcycling is for fun, racing, learning to ride and creating experience for the whole family. These bikes are suitable for youth but built and designed for adults, the big kids, all dirt bike riders enjoy the braaap superlite range.

What type of dirt bikes braaap offers

MX-110F Youth bike (Also suitable for the big kids)

This bike just become the most obvious choice on the market in the 110/125 semi automatic category. The 2022 model braaap MX-110F builds momentum on what has been the favourite 110cc across the country. We set out to make higher spec'd bike'a with way more bang for their buck than our big brand competitors.

MX-125F is the ultimate Fun Bike

The MX125's big brother is the championship winning MX1. It comes equipped with new frame geometry and electric start. This bike has the perfect level of bling, stability and control. 4 Speed manual clutch, 125cc it's great fun and easy to learn on.

MX3 - 160cc has what it takes to make riding more fun than ever

If you wanted to know what makes braaap different, go no further than the MX3, built on the back of a rich heritage of superlite sized motorcycles over the past 15 years: including 2 world recognised AMA titles in Las Vegas.

The all new MX3 includes a host of new feature such as new perimeter beam frame, alloy clamps, upgraded suspension, all new swingarm and more.

MX17 - 160cc Big Wheel

If it’s extreme off-road you’re looking for then the MX17 has it covered, powered by a 160cc engine and equipped with a 17” front wheel and 14” rear wheel it’s designed to go places other can’t. This year marks the MX17 as a new line for braaap, which has shown to have significant demand in the past with customers creating their own “Big Wheel” configuration after market.

MX450 - Enduro Bike

Our full size dirt bike 450cc , designed & expected to be Australia's #1 Value Enduro Bike. After 4 years of long term testing on hard trails in Victoria, We launch the MX450 with confidence that no matter who you hit the trails with you will lack nothing. The MX450 is also ADR Approved meaning it's Street Legal and also LAMS approved.