Hey Guys,

Leasing is a great way to ride braaap, with no lock in contracts, this flexible ownership concept will be an easy & affordable way for many of our riders to own their bikes.

The key feature of this flexible long term leasing offer is that we cover rego, insurance, roadside, warranty expenses and allow you to change your mind and exit at any time.

Lease your bike. Send it back any time.

Leasing is a huge part of the automotive industry & we've designed this offer to be a long term & affordable way to ride braaap.

See below for pricing and availability of the bike you like most :)

We are always looking for ways to make riding a braaap easier & better value.


Summary of Offer

- Join Today, Ride in 4 weeks* (Payments start immediately but pause at week 4 if any delay)

- No credit checks, No lock in contracts.

- No minimum lease period. Keep it for as long or as little time as it suits you.

- We cover Bike, Rego, Insurance, Roadside, Warranty, PD.

- Unlimited KM's, You cover your regular servicing, damage and normal maintenance.

- Collect from either: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Port Macquarie, Frankston. (More locations coming soon, or you can pay extra to have it delivered to your door)

- You are responsible & liable for the bike whilst in your possession.


  • This offer is limited to how many bikes we have available; so it is first in best dressed.
  • Please read the Leasing Agreement attached here.
  • First 4x payments are your non-refundable joining fee, We need the four weeks to prepare your bike. Any risk of delay is on the rider to accept. The joining fee is non refundable however we will pause your weekly payments until a bike is ready for you.

Bikes Currently Available

ST250 - M3 - Cruiser400 - Moto4 - SS125 - EMTB


Start your lease by clicking on the link below. You will enter your card details and make your first payment immediately. The first 4x payments are considered your non refundable joining fee. Once you join and make your first payment we will call to confirm all your details, verify your ID and sign the lease agreement.



 Listen to Brad (CEO/FOUNDER) talk about the Leasing offer in the video below.