Street Superlite 125cc (Street Legal)

Street Superlite 125cc (Street Legal)



The 2022 model Street Superlite SS125cc is on sale at a huge discount!

Sale will end with out notice and prices must increase soon.

We have a huge but very limited sale offering the bikes at $2,200+GST (Usually $4,500).

The price is $2,000 + GST = $2,200 inc GST plus rego.

Lifetime Warranty is available for $250. 

Estimated Build Time: is 60 Days. (We are updating the braking system to CBS Braking (Similar to ABS) inline with the new ADR requirements coming into law at the end of this year so we have a usual build time of 45-60 days. Please remember this is a crazy low price, designed to make it worth your wait.  Click Here for specific Production & Delivery updates

Prices will rise soon.

SS125 Upgrades, Options & Extra's Catalogue Click Here 

I am sure if you are on this page you've seen all the marketing material for the Braaap Superlite Street 125cc (SS125), you've heard about braaap's unique manufacturing process & how we build top quality motorcycles that are backed by Lifetime warranty ($250) & available at super agrees price points, I'm sure you are here to support a brand that has been awarded 4x Australian specialised retail business of the year, a family business & the biggest underdog of the Australian motorcycle industry - Yes that's us! Braaap Motorcycles. We are super passionate about what we do here at braaap and if you have any questions before you buy please call our exclusive dealership PWS Motorcycles on 0499 27 22 27 or come join the founder of braaap on one of our regular ZOOM calls where you can ask any questions, get to know us and meet other braaap riders (Click here), otherwise if you are ready to buy while this promo is on please read below & scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can "Add to Cart".

This sale is for anyone who is looking to take advantage of a huge discount by purchasing the motorcycle now and waiting for the delivery. 

We expect bikes to be delivered in 60 Days but it very well may be later, so please come into this purchase with complete understanding that you are getting a huge discount as a way to entice you to wait for us to manufacture & deliver the bike.

You are welcome to call the dealership sales team and ask any questions on 0499 27 22 27.

Once your order is placed you will receive a thread of emails and offers for gear, accessories & parts. The most important thing today is to get your bike ordered while the promotion is on. 

12 Month Payment Plan Available. CLICK HERE

Please read the sale agreement and understand this promotion is a non refundable purchase because we build your bike as soon as you pay. Once you've processed your order please ensure you received the invoice, Contract for sale, Dealers information, LMCT #, and check your details are correct. This sale is made to you by your licensed dealer PWS Motorcycles. This is an unconditional contract for sale.

It is free to collect from our manufactures warehouse in Frankston (Melbourne).

Interstate customers will receive a call after you've purchased, We will then quote to deliver your motorcycle to your door rolling and ready to ride.

Australia wide delivery and assembly charge. (Estimate $420 for Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart) Call for other locations or with out charge collect from the manufacture's warehouse in Frankston. (We will call and organise this after you order the bike)

Please note this is a massive sale well below the wholesale price therefore it is limited to a small number of motorcycles, It is first in best dressed and does not include any of the current model SS125cc bikes on the dealers showroom floor. 

Speak to us > CLICK HERE


Registration can be done by us from $380 in Victoria & for other states we will direct you on how to register it yourself once the bike arrives.

Delivery Updates:  Please use this page to keep up to date with the latest delivery information: Click Here

PWS Motorcycles. LMCT 12014. Dealer Principe - Paul William Smith.

Your minimum ride away price including GST & 3 months rego is $2,580 (Victorian based rego, Rego in each state will vary. Rego can be paid to us or directly to your transport office once the bike is received.)

Please ensure you've read and understood the terms and conditions. This is an unconditional contract for sale because your bike will be built once you pay.

We specifically refer to section 4.3 of the sale agreement which states: In the case of a pre-ordered new Vehicle that is not currently in stock, the Purchaser acknowledges that any delay in delivery does not create any liability on the part of the Dealer nor does it allow for termination of this Agreement by the Purchaser.

This is an unconditional sale agreement please read it before you agree to it as we do not give refunds due to delays. We are here to talk and give any updates if you'd like more info (0499272227). Click here to review the sale agreement T&c's.

We encourage you to consider the risk of delay, If you can not accept the risk of delay then please do not buy the bike as part of this promotion.


$2,200.00 Lifetime Warranty (+ $250)
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