Terms & Conditions

Any Orders under $250

- can be sent straight away if paid over 30 weeks or less.

Orders above $250 (excl bikes)

- Dispatched after 3 consecutive payments have cleared

- plan is 30 weeks or less

- If over 30 weeks, over 50% is paid and no failed payments

Bike Orders: In-House Payment Plan powered by

You build your deposit, whilst we build your bike!

Once your bike is built, all payments become your deposit where we help to re-finance you, putting you in the best position for finance plans and rates. There's something for everyone!

ID verification will be required prior to dispatch. Terms of Service

By accepting the Terms outlined in your Sale Agreement you understand that you are legally bound to pay the full invoice amount being facilitated (or any other service provider used to make your purchase) whether used in the form of Lay-By, Finance or Buy Now Pay later. sales are non-refundable regardless of fulfilment status.

Any payment's made are non-refundable.

ANY failed payments may cause us to request more consecutive payment's from you before being able to dispatch or re-finance you.

- Depending on your financial circumstance and payments dispatch terms may vary

Terms are subject to change at our discretion.