Hey Guys!!

Thank you for buying a braaap motorcycle!

Hopefully you have been tracking along with the updates on your bikes production & delivery. (Keep an eye on the delivery updates page by clicking "more" in the top menu on this page or just click here)

If you need any support please go to our support centre at support.braaapmotorcycles.com you can also submit a request for us to contact you specifically by clicking "Submit a request" here > 

Please read through all the info on this page, purchase any extra's and your freight then wait for a call from Dirk or Jack who will call to verify everything and make sure all the admin is in order ready for when you bike is ready to ride.

Please do your best to wait for us to call you.

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We will SMS you once your bike is assembled and allocated to a courier's truck. If you are collecting it yourself from our warehouse we will send a calendar invite via event-brite once the bike is ready, we only open at specific times for collections as it is a work site.

Step 1: Delivery

Please buy the "delivery+assembly" that fits your region. The products will load below. Buy it from this page if you'd like to buy multiple items in one transaction as it allows you to add to cart and keep shopping. Also a note that if there is a drop down box on a product click on it to select the best option for you :)

Note. We no longer do bike pick ups from the warehouse in Carrum Downs, you will need to order a delivery

You will get SMS'd once your bike has been collected from our warehouse and then the truck driver will SMS/Call you when your bike is 24 hours away from being delivered. Sometimes depending on your region there can be up to 2 weeks between when the bike leaves here and when it gets to you, But major regions should be with in the week :)

If your location isn't listed, click the button below

send us your details for a quote here

Step 2: Rego

Once we have assembled & allocated your specific bike to you. There will be a Proof of Purchase document sent via email & also a massive FAQ document including all the directions on how to register your bike in each state of AUS.0

If you are in Victoria & want rego we can do 3 Months or 12 Months & have your bike ready to ride away. Please buy your rego product below.

Interstate riders can download the 'how to register' info in the button below

"How to Register" Click Here

Step 3: Warranty & Self Service

Most of you will have already paid for your Lifetime Warranty which activates it, If you want to add warranty you can so buy adding the Lifetime Warranty to your cart below.

Warranty covers the lifetime of your ownership, You have to service your bike but it doesn't have to be at anyone affiliated to us & if you are mechanically minded you can join the self service program for $17/month which allows you to verify your own service papers.

Click Here to register and read more about self service >

Self service is not designed to be a training platform, it is for those of you who were going to service your own bike anyway, it allows you to do your own work and have it recognised and covered by the warranty. You will be emailed and invited to join self service separately once the bike arrives.

The Braaap University is filling up with videos, tips and tricks as well as trouble shooting lessons so keep an eye on your inbox for an invite to the Braaap University "Online Service Centre" once your bike arrives. Its free and we also encourage you to become a contributor and video any work you do on your bike to help others, help us make the braaap owner experience better and help make the braaap online community more engaging :)

Step 4: Options & Upgrades + Extra Parts & Accessories

Any extras can be ordered from this page. Add to cart then check out. 

If you have ordered parts they are sent separately and you can fit them yourself or we recommend getting the mechanic to do it on your first service.  


Thank you for joining us & riding braaap. We are keen as to see pics of you riding & our hope is that you can say it was "Worth the wait"! 

We appreciate you choosing us!