Build to Order - Shipment, Assembly & Dispatch updates

Last Updated > August 30th 2021


We are seeing all things come into order and dozens of bikes hit the road each day :)

The shipments coming have motorcycles built ahead of time, We did this in order to be able to give more certainty around our build time's to those placing orders today.

Huge thanks to you all for supporting us, We are a family business & it makes a real difference to us to have you riding braaap & with us. Our absolute passion is to see you riding & loving your braaap :)

How our process works after you order:

To contact us go to or click here :)

Once you place your order and make payment, you are allocated to a production run. You will see below we allocate you to a batch of bikes based on dates ordered. We advertise that we begin building your bike as soon as payment is received but at the moment we are building bikes ahead of time to offset risk of delays - check the information below on build/delivery timelines estimated for your specific model of braaap bike.

In the weeks or days before the bike is ready for you to ride we will SMS, email & call to make sure we are in contact to finalise your delivery method, add any extras, confirm address and make sure all your questions are answered.

If you are collecting from our warehouse in Frankston you will need to book into in our allocated collection times  - these are Wednesdays and Fridays between 4pm - 6pm, If you are getting the bike assembled and delivered we will send a link to pay for the delivery to your door and then Eden and her Dispatch team will allocate you to the next truck that is coming into your region. Trucks to major cities leave weekly and you should receive your bike within a week after it has left the building. 

See the update sheet below: 

Download the PDF here for higher quality version >

Parts: We have strong levels of spare parts for servicing & warranty. There are a tonne of spares on the water expected to arrive late May, this is when any back ordered cafe racer parts or bundles will be fulfilled.


Orders are being assembled and allocated to delivery trucks each day.

For anyone looking to purchase the good news is we have gone and built bikes ahead of time to ensure we can deliver inside our 60 Day build to Order promo estimation.

To contact us go to or click here :)

If you are looking to place a Moto3 order today the good news is we have Moto3's in stock so there is no risk of logistics delays :) 60 Day build to order wait time.

To make your delivery quicker once the bike is assembled please head over to this page and read all the dispatch info as well as fix up the bill for freight, rego or any extras you want. Click here > 


ST250 Cafe Racer

Orders are being assembled and allocated to delivery trucks each day.

For anyone looking to purchase the good news is we have gone and built bikes ahead of time - 60 Day build to Order wait time.

We are so keen to finally see you all riding in the coming days/weeks.

To contact us go to or click here :)

The bikes have arrived in Australia and we are now waiting for them to be delivered to our warehouse for final assembly. Jack & Eden are calling everyone to verify your details over the following 3 weeks. To make things faster please click on the banner below and purchase any extras you want/need :)

Please go and purchase your rego, delivery & any options & upgrades you want so that there is no admin delays once your bike is assembled and ready to ride.

Superlite - DIRT MODELS & Street SS125 inc MX110,MX125,MX3,MX17

Superlite comes in a dirt model range MX3,MX17,MX125,MX110 and a Street legal model know as the SS125

SS125 - Street Legal: Delayed due to us still waiting on government to process CBS braking upgrade. Hoping to load containers and ship in the coming week or week after. The testing facility's have been closed due to lockdown but hoping things are back on track now. 

Superlite Dirt: In-Stock

Dirt Bikes MX3,MX17,MX110,MX125 have now arrived. They will be dispatched over the coming 2-3 weeks. There are bikes available in these containers for any one purchasing now too.

Dirtbike Dispatch, Delivery, Options & Upgrades page > Click Here

Any SS125 Superlite orders that were placed after March 25th in the SS0425 shipment which will have the upgraded CBS braking system.

SS125 Options & Extra's plus delivery and rego products page > You guys can make things faster ready for when your bike arrives please head over to this page to organise delivery, rego and any upgrades. Click Here

MX450 - ADR Approval


- There are still MX450's in stock so for any orders placed today expect 14-21 day assembly time.

- We suggest you purchase any extras or upgrades as soon as possible so it can be added into your fitment when being assembled :) See link below. Motard wheels are especially limited in stock due to high demand (Parts may go to back order)

- Still a super limited number of bikes available in this shipment, get in now and have the shortest wait time. Next shipment will be 100 day wait.


Update below on new models about to enter the product mix:

Keys Promo:

If you have purchased your keys then you will be sent an invite to pay the balance of your bike once approvals are in place and bikes are built later in the year. See updates on specific models below.

2022 Moto4

ADR Approval Received!! Government has given us the all clear and we are now in full swing to build the shipment :) Please keep an eye on delivery updates on the spreadsheet above. We will have options & upgrades pages uploaded in the coming weeks too :) 

2022 Cruiser 400, ST400:

Each of these new models are anticipated to be on the road in September 2021. The key element of our time line is that these are new models so the Government has extra work processing our testing & certification hence why we have given longer lead times and offered such huge discount's to early adopters on the promotion we are running :)

UPDATE: Please see delivery schedule updates spreadsheet for latest dates, now looking at Spring Delivery.

MotoE Electric:

A huge innovation for the Australian Motorcycle Market. The Electric bike will be on the road later this year. Expectation is sometime between September - December 2021 pending Gov't approvals. You guys are true innovators and early adopters and we have given long expectations on lead times and huge discounts to make sure its worth it for you.



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