Build to Order - Shipment, Assembly & Dispatch updates



Huge thanks to you all for supporting us, We are a family business & it makes a real difference to us to have you riding braaap & with us. Our absolute passion is to see you riding & loving your braaap :)

How our process works after you order:

Once you place your order and make payment, you are allocated to a production run. You will see below we allocate you to a batch of bikes based on dates ordered. We advertise that we begin building your bike as soon as payment is received but at the moment we are building bikes ahead of time to offset risk of delays - check the information below on build/delivery timelines estimated for your specific model of braaap bike.

In the weeks or days before the bike is ready for you to ride we will SMS, email & call to make sure we are in contact to finalise your delivery method, add any extras, confirm address and make sure all your questions are answered. You can also lock this in as soon as your ready to reduce any delay on the bike specific dispatch preparation links below.

Please read through each step on your bike specific Dispatch Preparation page below as it runs you through:

1. Delivery

2. Rego

3. Lifetime Warranty

4. Options and Extras

- Use the same details you purchased your bike with when checking out and we will see it under your profile in our system :) 


To contact us with any questions

Go to or click here :)


Due to previous delays, the shipments coming have motorcycles built ahead of time, We did this in order to be able to give more certainty around our build time's to those placing orders today! We are now delivery some models ahead of time. See update for each model below:


ST250 Cafe Racer - NOW WITH ABS


New 2022 Model with ABS brakes

Est 70 days from order date to dispatch. Expecting shipment to Arrive Mid July. 

Please go and purchase your rego, delivery & any options & upgrades you want so that there is no admin delays once your bike is assembled and ready to ride.


M3 - 250cc LAMS Sports Bike



Expecting first ever shipment to arrive Mid August, lock in now best for pre-order promo pricing!





Unfortunately we had some Production delays and therefore Shipment has also been delayed:

The Moto4's are scheduled to be on the water 20th May. 

Arrival and Dispatch TBC, Expecting Late June/Early July



2022 Cruiser 400


18/05/2022 - Order's Prev 25th Feb
Bikes are in the warehouse ready to go! 
Still waiting approval to release, calling to follow them up today again.
We expect approvals will be this week (any day...) and dispatch should be underway by next week, but we just have to wait until we have to go ahead. Dispatch have bike's built ready for Collection and have planned runs with the couriers, ready to go as soon as we get the go ahead. Appreciate your patience, we are doing everything we can to get you riding ASAP!


Cruiser Order's From 25th Feb Onwards

10/05/2022 Cruiser Order's From 25th Feb Onwards

- Manufacturing scheduled to be complete by 20th May

- Shipping (On the Water) to Warehouse End May/Early June

- Bike arrive to Warehouse Late June/ Early July for dispatch

We will be able to update with dates once bikes are loaded for shipping to the Warehouse, we appreciate your patience and understanding with these unexpected delays, outside of our control. 




In Stock

Expect 14 - 30 days from order date to dispatch. 7 Days Collection 

You guys can make things faster for when your bike arrives, please organise delivery, rego and any upgrades from link below.




In Stock

Expect 14 - 30 days from order date to dispatch. 7 Days Collection 


In Stock

Expect 14 - 30 days from order date to dispatch. 7 Days Collection 


We suggest you purchase any delivery, extras or upgrades as soon as possible. See link below. Motard wheels are especially limited in stock due to high demand (Parts may go to back order)


6/5/2022 - Order's Placed PREV. March 25th

Dispatch Underway! We will be in touch to lock in collection times and those with delivery will be notified once your bike is booked into it's delivery run.


Order's Placed AFTER March 25th

Shipment is scheduled to arrive to the warehouse Late July, Then dispatch/Collection. Limited Sizes so lock in now or risk missing out on this shipment.




Pending Gov't Approval. ADR Engineering's have processed submission. Government estimate processing date is May 23rd but subject to change with out notice.


All relevant documents are submitted and awaiting response as per above.

MotoE Electric: 



We signed off on the Paint colour for the MotoE today.



MotoE production is complete and we are ready to ship, as soon as approvals come through!

Approvals have progressed further and we are anticipating to see complete approval come through by the end of May. Once we have approvals then shipping is usually 4 weeks. So hope to have you riding end June/Early July.

This is super exciting, our first Electric so close to hitting the road!! stay tuned!


Got any Questions?

Be sure to check out the braaap knowledge base support centre for heaps of information on your bike and common questions.