Build to Order - Shipment, Assembly & Dispatch updates


No delays anticipated for any new orders placed this week.

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Updated March 4th 2021 - 10am :)

To help us - please SMS rather than call, Our phones are overwhelmed with missed calls because we are delivering a whole year worth of orders (2020) this month. Awesome that restrictions are lifted and we are seeing everything come to order but its a huge work load on the team and we want to serve you properly so pls SMS and we will call you back :)

Dispatch & Delivery Information - 0449552015 - Please SMS and we will call back

Mechanical & Spares - 0449901123 - Please SMS and we will call back

Sales - 0499 27 22 27 - Please SMS and we will call back


Next Zoom Meeting for those waiting for bikes - 8pm Thursday March 25th - Hosted by Braaap founder Brad Smith.

We are seeing all things come into order and dozens of bikes hit the road each day :)

We have invested in more warehouse space to increase assembly/production, hired more staff to help increase our communication to customers and are investing in making sure 2021 is on time and in order after all of the delays caused by C19 & Government in 2020 :)

Huge thanks to you all for supporting us, We are a family business & it makes a real difference to us to have you riding braaap & with us. Our absolute passion is to see you riding & loving your braaap :)

How our process works after you order:

Once you place your order & make payment you are allocated to a production run, you will see below we allocate you to a batch of bikes based on dates ordered. We begin building your bike as soon as payment is received, Check the information below on build/delivery timelines estimated for your specific model of braaap bike. Around 14-7 days before the bike is ready for you to ride we will SMS,Email & Call to make sure we are in contact to finalise your delivery method, add any extras, confirm address and make sure all your questions are answered. If you are collecting from our warehouse in Frankston the collection date will be allocated (Usually Wednesday and Friday 4pm - 6pm), if you are getting the bike assembled and delivered we will send a link to pay for the delivery to your door and then Eden and her Dispatch team will allocate you to the next truck that is coming into your region (We have trucks leaving every day at the moment for all over the country so it usually takes 3-7 days to get your bike from the day we finish its assembly here in Frankston)


FMC005 is the reference number for the batch of bikes produced in order to fill orders placed today & anytime after Feb16th. We have gone ahead and built bikes ahead of time to try and reduce the "build to order" wait time. This is expected to arrive late April, If you order today you will be in this shipment. We are setting your expectation around a 60 day build to order time :)

MOTO3 Ready to ride sale including roadside, mufflers, gearing kits etc > Click here

FMC004 will be fulfilling orders placed between Dec 2nd - Feb 15th 2021, It is expected to arrive & be ridden away early April. This shipment is on the water!

FMC003 - Black Moto3's are Now uploaded into the National Transport system and ready to be registered which is awesome news and means we are delivering bikes each day this week & next, Black Moto3s will all be dispatched this week and next.

White Moto3's will arriving on the 8th of March and be delivered by mid March :)

The team are making calls to all FMC003 moto3 customers this week & next:)

To make your delivery quicker once the bike is assembled please head over to this page and read all the dispatch info as well as fix up the bill for freight, rego or any extras you want. Click here > 

ST250 Cafe Racer

ST0220 is the reference for the production run of bikes that will fill orders placed today or after Feb 15th. Expect mid April arrival. 60 day build to order time is the estimate for any one who places orders today.

ST1203: Orders placed between November 4th 2020 and Feb 15th 2021 will be arriving in Shipment referenced as ST1203. This shipment is due to arrive around end of March & all orders are expected to be dispatched in early April - Mid April.

ST250 2020 Orders: All ordered placed before November 4th 2020 are expected to be delivered in February (100's already delivered in January). We are calling each customer so please look out for an unknown number calling you :) Thank you guys for your patience, its such a relief to be delivering these bikes after all the delays of 2020. To speed things up and get allocated the the soonest possible truck delivering into your region please pay for your freight by clicking here.

ST250 Option's & Extra's can be ordered from this page > Click Here

Superlite - DIRT MODELS & Street SS125

All Orders from 2020 will be fulfilled in the shipment referenced as PI929, the bikes will be plated as 2021 models & due to arrive late March, It could be early April. Sorry this shipment has been delayed, it has been outside of our control. We will give a specific update as soon as the bikes are on the water.

Superlite Orders placed after Feb 16th, Estimated to be here May 5th.


MX450 - ADR Approval

- Promoting 100 Day Build to Order estimate. The bikes will be built in 45 Days from when you purchase, the reason we are setting your expectation for 100 days is that we are waiting on the ADR approval from the Government.

Note: The bike passed brake & speedo testing on Feb 16th :) Now waiting on noise testing.

MX450 - Trail Spec

- This model is the exact same bike as the ADR approved bike just it is not ADR plated so can not be registered. We have the first shipment here in Frankston ready to deliver as soon as you buy, Almost sold out but still available for those who order this week.