The Braaap Cafe Racer range of motorcycles are wildly popular.

We are one of the top brands and we expect to be Australia's #1 Value Motorcycle. Thanks to our unique manufacturing process that has been refined since 2005, we deliver the highest quality bike at the lowest possible price.

Our super aggressive pricing, the lifetime warranty program and our huge range of café racer options and upgrades, make the ST250 and ST400 the perfect blank canvas to create your own work of art.

About the Cafe Racer

The café racer is art on wheels. It is motorcycling meets fashion. The Braaap Cafe Racer is our most popular motorcycle, thanks to how easy it is to customise and make it your own.

As with all art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The café racer is no different; therefore, you can make it look how you like.

Our Cafe Racer Range

Here at Braaap, the cafe racer bike lineup is the ST250 and ST400. They are often looked at as the ultimate blank canvas for your cafe racer project.

Check out all the cafe racer motorcycles custom options and upgrades to dream up what your cafe racer might become.

The Braaap Cafe Racer range is incredibly popular thanks to its extremely aggressive price point. The bikes are backed by a lifetime warranty (Yes, even if you make some customisations), and they are LAMS-approved.

Whether you are first time rider or a lifelong rider, you will love how easy the Braaap Cafe Racers are to ride.

The model is great for beginners, but most of our Braaap Café Racer owners are experienced riders who just love the café racer scene and how affordable the Braaap range is to use as a base for their custom cafe racer build.

Cafe Racers have been made famous recently, thanks to brands such as Deus, who customise Yamaha SR400 bikes and other models, usually from the '70 or '80s, which means while the bike may look awesome as a modern café racer, you still have an old bike.This means old bike problems and no warranty.

If you are searching for a modern cafe racer, you'll probably already know you are up for around $10,000 for a decent customised & restored but used 70's or 80's SR400. It is why at less the $3,000, our bikes are very hard to pass up.

The Braaap Café Racer is fast enough, you can ride on the ST250 on the highway. However, the ST400 will be even easier on highway speeds.

Most importantly, you can see all the Braaap Cafe Racer parts, options, and performance upgrades to make this bike personalised how you like it!

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