This page is designed to help you choose the right learner approved motorcycle for you, guide you on how to get your learners motorcycle licence, and avoid the most common mistakes we see people make as they become a LAMS motorcycle rider here in Australia.

LAMS stands for Learner Approved Motorcycles. Technically, the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme which is run by the Australian Government to restrict Learner and Provisional licence holders to a power to weight ratio bike with specific engine capacity. It applies to motorcycles and scooters.

  • Essentially, the power to weight ratio of a motorcycle is the ratio of the maximum net power output of the engine to the bike's weight. This ratio determines the acceleration - the higher the ratio the faster the motorbike can accelerate.
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  • Each year we see thousands of people ride motorcycles for the first time. This page is our best effort at passing on what we have learned from helping novice riders, learners, and provisional riders get on the road with the best suited LAMS bike for them.
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