Learner Approved Motorcycles


We have set out on a mission to become the best value LAMS approved motorcycle manufacture in the country. This page is designed to help you choose the right learner approved motorcycle for you, guide you on how to get your learners motorcycle license, and avoid the most common mistakes we see people make as they become a LAMS motorcycle rider here in Australia.

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Each year we see thousands of people get into motorcycling for the first time. This page is our best effort at passing on what we have learned from helping these riders get on the road with the best suited LAMS bike for them.

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Note: The www.braaapmotorcycles.com page is operated by licensed braaap dealer PWS Motorcycles, anything to do with sales, invoicing, customer service is handled by us the dealer. Braaap the manufacture provide the LAMS motorcycle guide as a tool for dealers & customers, however all sales are handled by the dealer. You can purchase a bike from us your dealer and you can also read all about the product, delivery dates, contract of sale, etc by clicking on motorcycles in the menu above. You can contact us on 0499 27 22 27 or sales@braaapmotorcycles.com 





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