Self Service Membership Platform

To subscribe to the self service program please click here >
- Service Sheet - click here to download 
- Please complete and hold a copy for records as well as emailing to 
Please do either a Service or a Safety check and complete the form at least every 3 months :)
If you haven't done enough KM's in 3 Months to do a full service, Please do a saftey check & complete the form.

--- How it Works ---

To maintain your braaap Lifetime Warranty you are required to service your bike inline with the service regime. You can service your bike at any qualified mechanic of your choice (It doesn't have to be a braaap mechanic) or you can join the self service program to be recognised as a mechanic in the eyes of the braaap lifetime warranty program.
This is not a training program and is only for those who have worked on their own bikes before, we take no responsibility for your workmanship.
1. Buy lifetime warranty when you purchase your bike.
2. Subscribe to the self service platform.
3. Fill out the service form each time you complete a service or every 3 months which ever is sooner.
Declaration: I declare that I am able to service my motorcycle & pass no responsibility or liability to Braaap or the Braaap Dealer network for my workmanship.