LAMS: EVERYTHING You Need To Know About LAMS Approved Bikes (Rules, Makes & Models List)

LAMS: EVERYTHING You Need To Know About LAMS Approved Bikes (Rules, Makes & Models List)

Posted by Ken Ride

Learning to ride and buying or leasing your first motorbike is exciting, yet it's important to start your journey on the right bike that matches your experience level.

This is where the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) plays a key role in ensuring your safety as you hone your riding skills.

As part of LAMS, a range of motorcycles and scooters have been identified that are suitable for learner riders, giving you the flexibility to choose a bike that's not only legal for you to ride but also one that will help build your confidence on the road.

Understanding LAMS is essential if you're beginning as a novice rider.

The LAMS scheme takes into account the power-to-weight ratio of motorcycles, allowing learners to operate lower and moderately powered bikes.

This initiative provides a sensible progression to ensure that you, as a learner, aren't overwhelmed by a motorcycle that's too powerful for your current skill level.

By sticking to the rules set by LAMS, you know you're riding a motorcycle that's appropriate for your stage of riding development.

Checkout Braaap's Ultimate LAMS Guide video to help new riders get into motorcycling and get their learners licence, choose a LAMS bike and be ready to ride...

Blaik from TempCitz Youtube channel caught up with Brad from Braaap to discuss all things LAMS.

Blaik went on to test ride all the LAMS options available on the Braaap leasing fleet...

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What Is LAMS?

Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) is a program designed to help novice riders safely and sensibly transition to riding a motorcycle.

The scheme identifies a range of motorcycles suitable for learner and provisional riders, taking into account factors such as engine capacity and power-to-weight ratio.

When you're starting out, it's crucial to ride a motorcycle that matches your skill level.

Under LAMS, you're restricted to riding motorcycles that are deemed learner-friendly.

These bikes have:

  • An engine capacity up to 660cc
  • A power-to-weight ratio not exceeding 150 kilowatts per tonne

A core principle of LAMS is to ensure that motorcycles accessible to learners are not overly powerful.

This makes it less likely that you'll be overwhelmed by the bike's performance on the road, paving the way for a more confident and safe learning experience.

Remember, the responsibility is yours to ensure the motorcycle you ride complies with LAMS regulations.

A comprehensive list of learner approved motorcycles in Australia can be accessed through the various department of transport websites in each state (see links for each state below).

Embrace the journey of motorcycling with confidence and control by adhering to the guidelines set out by the LAMS.

This is a stepping stone to not only becoming a competent rider but also enjoying the freedom motorcycling can bring.

LAMS Approved Motorbikes

When choosing one of Australia’s best LAMS motorcycles, you have a lot of options to suit your preferred style and riding requirements.

These bikes are engineered to be appropriate for beginner riders, with limitations on power and performance to ensure safety while you gain riding experience.

LAMS Adventure Bikes

Some examples of LAMS approved adventure bikes include…

Yamaha XT660Z Tenere - a rugged, adventure-oriented motorcycle known for its reliability and versatility, featuring a 660cc single-cylinder engine and designed for long-distance off-road travel.

Honda CB500X - a versatile and accessible adventure touring motorcycle with a 471cc parallel-twin engine, offering a comfortable riding position and capable performance for both daily commuting and light off-road excursions.

Kawasaki Versys 300X - a lightweight, nimble adventure touring motorcycle with a 296cc parallel-twin engine, providing an accessible entry point for riders looking to explore both city streets and unpaved paths.

Braaap MX450 with adventure tyres - a versatile motocross-inspired motorcycle equipped for varied terrain, featuring a 450cc engine and adventure-ready tyres for riders seeking off-road thrills and on-road capability.

Weighing in at a manageable range, these models offer the look and feel of their larger counterparts, while still providing a friendly power output for new riders.

LAMS Touring Bikes

For aspiring tourers, here are several of the best LAMS approved touring bikes that may be of interest…

Kawasaki Vulcan S - a mid-sized cruiser with a sporty edge, featuring a comfortable, low-slung riding position and powered by a responsive 649cc parallel-twin engine, catering to riders who desire a blend of classic styling and modern performance.

Honda NT650V Deauville - a mid-sized touring motorcycle known for its durability and practicality, featuring a 650cc V-twin engine, integrated panniers, and a design that provides a smooth and comfortable ride for long-distance travel.

CFMoto650TK - a budget-friendly touring motorcycle with a 650cc parallel-twin engine, offering a comfortable ride and ample storage capacity for riders looking to embark on longer journeys without breaking the bank. (It’s available as part of the Braaap leasing program fleet).

The CFMoto 650TK is a great tourer and also many people consider it similar to the Honda CB500X (which we have on fleet), and is usually known as an adventure bike in the LAMS category but often considered a touring bike too with its upright seating position.

LAMS Dirt Bikes

Some of the top choices for LAMS approved dirt bikes include…

Yamaha WR250R - lightweight, high-performance dual-sport motorcycle with a reliable 250cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, built for both serious off-road capabilities and on-road versatility.

Honda CRF250L - a versatile dual-sport motorcycle that balances off-road agility with on-road practicality, powered by a reliable 250cc single-cylinder engine designed for riders seeking adventure on varying terrains.

Braaap MX450 - a performance-oriented motocross bike with a powerful 450cc engine, designed for competitive off-road riding and featuring advanced suspension and a lightweight frame for agility and speed on the dirt track.

The Braaap MX450 is a bike built in-house at Braaap. It's LAMS friendly and comes restricted to meet the LAMS requirements and full street legal necessity.

Many riders put Motard wheels on the LAMS approved dirt bikes and make them Super Motard machines.

Each of these bikes are lightweight enough for easy manoeuvrability off-road yet robust and reliable for various terrain.

LAMS Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser enthusiasts might gravitate towards one of these popular choices…

Kawasaki Eliminator SE - This bike features an authentic cruiser design, with a lightweight trellis frame and a distinctive headlight cowl, ideal for a comfortable and stylish entry into motorcycling.

Braaap Cruiser 400 - probably the best value LAMS cruiser in Australia.

It’s a classically styled motorcycle with a 400cc four-stroke engine, offering a blend of retro aesthetics and modern mechanics for a comfortable and stylish urban riding experience.

Here's Brad comparing the Braaap cruiser to the most popular LAMS approved cruisers on the market…

Several cruisers on the Braaap leasing program include the Harley 500 Street, Kawasaki Vulcan 650S, and Yamaha XVS650 Cruiser with white wall tyres.

LAMS Cafe Racers

For learning to ride with style, consider LAMS approved cafe racers such as…

Benelli Leoncino 500 - a modern-classic scrambler motorcycle that combines retro-inspired design with contemporary technology, featuring a 500cc parallel-twin engine and a balanced chassis for both urban commuting and spirited backroad riding.

Its design embodies the classic café racer aesthetics, while its weight remains accessible for new riders.

Ducati Scrambler 400 - a 399cc L-twin engined motorcycle that embodies the free-spirited and minimalist design of the 1960s, offering a blend of traditional Ducati performance with a more accessible and lightweight urban scrambler experience (available on the Braaap leasing fleet).

Braaap ST250 - Braaap’s biggest selling and most popular bike thanks to its price point and often known as the perfect blank canvas for your café racer project.

Its big brother is the Braaap St400 café racer and is fast becoming the most sought after café racer in the LAMS market with a wait-list of around 6 months long.

LAMS Road Bikes (Sports Bikes)

To enjoy the thrill of sports bikes but with controlled power, consider these options…

Yamaha YZF-R3 - a sporty entry-level motorcycle with a 321cc parallel-twin engine, offering a lightweight and agile ride with a racing-inspired design that appeals to both novice and experienced riders.

Kawasaki Ninja 400 - a dynamic and approachable sportbike that boasts a peppy 399cc parallel-twin engine, a lightweight chassis and aggressive styling, making it a popular choice for both new riders and those seeking a nimble middleweight performer.

Braaap M3 250cc - a compact and affordable urban motorcycle, designed for everyday commuting with a sporty aesthetic and an approachable 250cc engine that caters to both beginner and experienced riders.

It looks like a top of the line sports bike thanks to its designed fairings, the Braaap Moto4 is the most popular LAMS approved sports bike in the country.

LAMS Scrambler Bikes

Scrambler lovers have a couple of options…

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 - a stylish, entry-level scrambler motorcycle that features a 399cc L-twin engine, capturing the essence of the '60s with its retro design while offering modern performance and accessibility to new riders.

Braaap Custom Option - many new riders use the Braaap St250 and St400 café racer as a base to create their ultimate Scrambler.

LAMS Bobber Bikes

Bobbers are popular LAMS approved bobber bikes with a couple of the top picks being…

Kymco Venox 250 - a quarter-litre cruiser motorcycle that features a V-twin engine and a low-slung, comfortable riding position, providing an accessible and stylish option for those seeking a smaller displacement bike with a classic cruiser feel.

It's admired for its low seat height and retro style, providing an accessible entry point into custom-inspired motorcycling while adhering to LAMS restrictions.

Yamaha XVS650 - also known as the V-Star 650, is a middleweight cruiser that offers classic styling, a smooth 649cc V-twin engine, and an approachable riding experience suitable for both beginners and seasoned motorcyclists. (Available as part of the Braaap lease fleet).

Also consider the Braaap Cruiser 400 with the upgraded Bobber kit.

Here Brad shows the Braaap LAMS Bobber Cruiser 400 fitted with Bobber options and upgrades...

LAMS Chopper Bikes

Amongst LAMS approved choppers, the top pick would be…

Honda Rebel 500 - a popular cruiser with a minimalist design and a punchy 471cc parallel-twin engine, offering a blend of modern performance and classic styling that appeals to both new riders and those looking for a midsize urban motorcycle.

It offers a relaxed riding posture and a design that harks back to the traditional chopper look, all in a learner-friendly package.

The Braaap Cruiser 400 is often fitted with tall bars to give that more chopper look but a true chopper usually has a larger front wheel, lower rear end and a chassis re-engineered to have the front wheel further out which increases the wheelbase.

Generally choppers are not LAMS compatible bikes. Usually you would use an open licence harley to create a chopper.

Technically any type of chassis modification unless you get it re-engineered would void your LAMS approval and generally any roadworthy certification.

LAMS Bikes - Buying & Finance Options

Exploring options such as motorbike leasing, lease-to-own agreements, bike subscriptions, and outright purchases gives you a comprehensive understanding of how you can take home a LAMS-approved bike sooner rather than later.


When you lease a LAMS bike you're essentially renting it for a fixed period.

Leasing can be a good way to ride a newer model without the commitment of ownership.

There may be restrictions on kilometres and customisations depending on the company you lease through and the bikes they have available to least.


Lease-to-own arrangements allow you to rent a motorbike with the option to purchase it at the end of the lease term.

This can be an attractive option if you're uncertain about committing to a purchase but might want to own the bike eventually.

Motorbike Subscription

A motorbike subscription service in Australia gives you access to a range of bikes, often with maintenance and insurance included.

It's a flexible and hassle-free way to ride without the long-term responsibilities of ownership.


Purchasing a bike outright gives you the freedom to modify it to suit the look and feel you’re going for.

Solutions such as financing can help overcome the barrier of upfront costs, and you may benefit from manufacturer warranties.

Consider long-term costs such as maintenance and insurance when buying a LAMS-approved bike.

What does it cost to own a LAMS Bike?

Brad from Braaap Motorcycles outlines what it really costs to own a LAMS in Australia.

Brad’s tip for buying a used LAMS bike is to keep in mind the price of labour and parts to get the used bike ready for a roadworthy inspection as it is getting stricter to register a used LAMS bike.

Brad Smith said about buying a second-hand LAMS bike:

Over the past few months we have bought around 150 of the most popular LAMS bikes to add to our lease fleet, and we have learned A LOT about the used bike market, so today we are breaking it all down to see what it really costs to buy a used LAMS bike and why we think leasing a bike while on your LAMS licence will save you time and money.

Best LAMS Approved Bikes In Australia

LAMS lists motorcycles suitable for learner riders by strictly adhering to power-to-weight ratios and engine capacities to ensure compliance and road safety.

New South Wales LAMS Approved Bikes

In New South Wales, you have access to a range of motorcycles that meet LAMS specifications.

These bikes are often characterised by their capped engine displacement and power output, aligning with the regulations to support safety for learner riders.

Ensure the engine number on the bike matches the LAMS bikes list to confirm compliance.

Victoria LAMS Approved Bikes

Victorian riders can choose from a comprehensive list of LAMS-approved motorcycles, from sports bikes to cruisers and adventure bikes.

The selections cater to a variety of styles, ensuring you can find a bike that suits your preferences while adhering to the LAMS criteria.

Queensland LAMS Approved Bikes

For riders in Queensland, the options under LAMS encompass motorcycles that fit within the recommended engine size and experience level.

Motorcycle licence holders should pay attention to the specific LAMS guidelines provided by the Queensland Government.

South Australia LAMS Approved Bikes

South Australia’s LAMS approved bikes list ensures that you are riding a moto that is suitable for your level of motorcycle licence.

As you gain experience, the scheme supports transition to more powerful bikes.

Always verify compliance with state regulations when purchasing.

Western Australia LAMS Approved Bikes

Western Australia has its own LAMS-approved motorcycles list, which includes bikes built before December 1960, those with electric engines not exceeding a power output of 25 Kw, and conventional models with specific engine capacities.

ACT LAMS Approved Bikes

In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), learner riders are encouraged to choose a bike from the LAMS database list that will permit them to ride legally and safely.

The ACT Government provides resources to guide you through choosing a bike that ticks all the right boxes for a beginner.

NT LAMS Approved Bikes

The Northern Territory allows learner riders to select from a range of NT LAMS approved motorcycles, keeping in mind the power and engine limitations stipulated by the law.

It’s crucial to ensure that the bike you ride matches your level of experience for safe practice on the road.

Tasmania LAMS Approved Bikes

Tasmanian learners are subject to similar LAMS restrictions as the rest of Australia, with an array of bikes that promote steady learning progress.

These motorcycles meet the standard requirements in power and weight, fostering a controlled and law-compliant learning environment.

LAMS Approved Bikes For Sale

When searching for a moto that is suitable under LAMS, you have a range of options.

Here is a list of LAMS approved motorcycles including makes and models:

Kawasaki Ninja 650: Ideal for those seeking a sporty ride with its agile handling.

Yamaha YZF-R3: Known for its lightweight design and racing DNA.

Honda CBR650R: Offers a blend of performance with a sport-touring comfort.

Benelli 502C: Stands out with its urban cruiser style.

TRK 502: A versatile adventure model, suitable for both on-road and off-road.

CFMOTO 300SR: A sleek entry-level sports bike with sharp aesthetics.

Braaap Moto4 – a versatile, durable, and affordable sports bike.

Braaap St400 – a budget-friendly, entry-level cafe racer..

Braaap Cruiser 400 cruiser - a classic design, affordable, urban-focused, mid-capacity cruiser motorcycle.

Braaap ST250 - a lightweight, affordable, cafe racer-styled motorcycle.

Braaap M3 - a sleek, agile, budget-friendly urban sports bike.

Key Attributes to Consider:

Make & Model: Choose a brand and model that fits your style and riding needs.

Fuel Efficiency: LAMS motos like the Yamaha YZF-R3 are praised for their excellent fuel economy.

Price: Models like the Benelli 502C provide affordability without compromising style or performance.

Purchasing Tips:

Remember, when buying a LAMS approved bike, ensure that it meets your needs for commuting, adventure, or just enjoying the freedom of riding.


What motorcycles are eligible for LAMS in Australia?

In Australia, motorcycles eligible for LAMS typically have a power-to-weight ratio not exceeding 150 kilowatts per tonne, and an engine capacity up to 660cc.

How does the LAMS scheme differ across various states such as QLD, VIC, TAS, and WA?

The LAMS scheme in Western Australia underwent a significant change when it switched from a 250cc restriction to the current power-to-weight and engine capacity criteria.

Other states, like QLD, VIC, and TAS also adopt this model but might have specific models that are excluded or included in their respective LAMS lists.

What are some of the top-rated motorcycles currently on the LAMS approved list?

Some top-rated LAMS motorcycles include diverse options suited for new riders, varying from sporty models to cruisers and scooters.

The guide provides information on new bike and scooter options for novice riders.

How much can you save by riding to work on your LAMS?

You could save up to $100 per week and several hours of time commuting to and from work on your LAMS bike.

Are there 600cc motorcycles that qualify under the LAMS program?

While most LAMS motorcycles have a maximum engine capacity of 660cc, not all 600cc motorcycles qualify.

They must meet the specific power-to-weight ratio requirements necessary to be considered suitable for learner riders under the LAMS program.

Here is a list LAMS approved 600cc bikes that may be approved in your state:

  • Benelli BN600S Must have AL in engine number
  • BMW C600 Sport
  • BRP Industries Can-am Ryker 600
  • Cagiva 600 Canyon
  • Cagiva 600 River
  • Cagiva W16 Dual Sport 600
  • Ducati 600SL
  • Ducati 600SS
  • Ducati 600 Pantah
  • Ducati 600M Monster
  • Honda Steed 600
  • Honda VT600 Shadow
  • Honda XL600
  • Honda XL600 Transalp
  • Honda XL600R
  • Honda XR600
  • Honda XR600R
  • Husaberg FE600
  • Husaberg FE600E
  • Kawasaki KL600
  • Kawasaki KLR600
  • KTM GS600
  • Panther 600
  • Suzuki DR600
  • Suzuki DR600R
  • Yamaha SRX600
  • Yamaha TT600
  • Yamaha XT600

What is the maximum power output allowed for a LAMS approved motorcycle?

For a motorcycle to be LAMS approved, the maximum power output should not exceed a power-to-weight ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne.

This standard applies regardless of the motorcycle's engine capacity.

Can higher capacity motorcycles like a 650cc be LAMS approved in NSW?

Yes, higher capacity motorcycles, including some 650cc models, can be LAMS approved in NSW as long as they comply with the power-to-weight restrictions set forth by the LAMS rules.

This means they must adhere to the regulatory power-to-weight criteria which allows certain 650cc motorcycles to be suitable for learner riders.

What is the fastest LAMS bike?

The fastest LAMS approved bike is either the CFMOTO 650NK, Husky Svartpilen 401, and in the Braaap range, the MOTO4, ST400 and Cruiser 400.

All LAMS compliant bikes are restricted but some are easier to de-restrict than others.

If you’re looking to take a LAMS moto to the race track, the Honda CBR650 with a de-restricted air intake or a YAMAHA MT07 with a R6 throttle on it are two very popular bikes to de-restrict.

Are you allowed to de-restrict LAMS motorbikes?

It is not legal to de-restrict a LAMS bike however many people do this at their own risk.

How do you register a LAMS approved bike?

Consult your state Department of Transport for details on registering a LAMS motorbike. 

It should indicate that the bike is LAMS approved on your rego papers.

What is the cheapest new LAMS bike?

The Braaap M3 250cc full sports bike is arguably the lowest priced full sports bike available to LAMS riders.

The Braaap Moto4 is its bigger brother and Braaap consider this the number one value LAMS bike in Australia.

Now that you know everything you need to about LAMS, checkout:

Get in touch with the team at Braaap to discuss LAMS, motos and more.


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