Built to order - Moto3 Delivery Update


 Orders Place before June 30

Assembly is underway here in Frankston.


Each shipment of motorcycles undergo a quality audit as soon as they arrive, this is part of our ISO 9001 based quality system as well as the Australian Government's requirement to manufacture's like us. Head mechanic Paul Smith (Brad's Dad) conducts the quality audits before full blown assembly begins.


Hursty was up and at it early to make sure the container unloaded & everything went to plan. Mask on in full COVID19 mode to make sure we can get everyone their bikes as quickly as possible.

The braaap Quality System has the job of making sure each bike is compliant under ADR regulations and inline with our approvals. We offered all customer's the opportunity to have the protection of our lifetime warranty which means we need the bike to be reliable & of high quality standards. Once the Quality Audit is complete we wait for the Gov't to give written approval before sending customers their bikes.



Orders Place after June 30

We are expecting bikes to be delivered in October.

We are inviting all those who are braaap Moto3 owners waiting for the delivery of their bike to join us on ZOOM

This zoom call is for anyone who placed an order after July 1st 2020. You are in the shipment that is waiting to arrive in Australia for final assembly.

Keen as to chat, answer any questions and make sure everything is ready to go as soon as the bikes are ready :)

6pm Thursday September 3rd on Zoom link > https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83534561595

Looking forward to it,