Need some inspiration for your cruiser 400?

well you're on the right page, below we have gathered a bunch of different mods you can customise your Cruiser 400 with as well as some examples of what other riders have done. From headlights, body colour kits, saddle bags and theres so much more over on our options and upgrades page too

options and upgrades

Cruiser colour kits

there's no better way to customise your ride by changing out the stock body for these red hot options. we also stock matte black and deep purple

check it out here

Hard Saddle Bags

if you need to carry more on the go the hard saddle bags for the cruiser 400 are perfect

It does not interfere with the pillion passenger.

The hard saddle bags sit under the pillions legs

They hold roughly 15Ltrs each

check it out here

'I wont ride anything but a Braaap'.

love these guys. I ride an ST250 and a Cruiser 400. The service is fantastic and I always have a laugh when I speak to anyone there. The bikes are high quality and the service is personalised and always on point. Being a Frankston boy and supportive of local business, I am so proud and happy for this team. To Jack, Lisa, Andrea, Paulie and the rest of the team: well played. I wont ride anything but a Braap.

-Paul L

Tall Bar Kit

you can also change and adjust the way you ride with this tall bar kit, raining the height of your handle bars to the the cruiser that old school chopper look

check it out here