Moto3 Dispatch

We are so keen for you to receive your bike and go riding!

This page is dedicated to the most important fundamental products that every rider should consider in preparation for your bike arriving.

To add these to your order please click ":add to cart" and then proceed through the payment checkout. 

1. Insurance. If you haven't already filled out the form to receive an insurance quote from us please click here. (Takes 1 minute)

2. Roadside Assistance. Every motorcyclist should have roadside assistance. Our partnership with the AWN gives nation wide coverage. We urge all riders to buy this coverage because your warranty does not cover transport costs. Roadside will cover 20km delivery of your bike to the nearest repairs centre (or your home), flat battery, out of fuel, flat tyre or a mechanical failure.

3. Lifetime warranty. This is the last opportunity you have to buy the warranty we offer. Almost all braaap owners choose this as it gives great coverage and peace of mind.

Rego & Delivery is manually quoted and invoiced. If you haven't already received a quote please complete this form so we can get you quoted.