Moto3 - Self Service Info & Technical FAQ


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Braaap MOTO 3  



Regular 91



10W / 40  Mineral 

Quantity 1.2 ltrs

Oil Filter: has a cleanable reusable gauze filter

Oil Cooler: Yes



Is located on Left hand switch block

Riding position: up (Away from you)


Reserve fuel Positions: does not have one as it has a fuel gauge


Tyre Pressure:

Front 28 PSI

Rear 32 PSI
Check these absolutely regularly (Number one reason for fall offs on a bike is from flat tyres)




Must be lubricated with chain lube every 500km

Always spray the chain from the center of the bike not at the back as you may get lube on your brakes plus the lube will flick off easily.

To tighten chain 19mm spanner for nut, 18mm spanner to hold the axle, 6mm allen key to use on the chain adjusters.



Service intervals:

First service: 500 – 800km

Then every 3000 kM after the initial one


Cold Start:

No throttle    Choke ON, as in pull leaver towards you; once started THEN rev it


Warm start:

No throttle     NO choke   Once started THEN rev it


Fuel Cap:

Click it to lock it


Steering Lock: left hand lock push it down and turn it to its max.


Side stand:  Side stand needs to be up to start bike.


Kill Switch:  Kill switch is on right hand block, please ensure Kill switch is not engaged if wanting


to start bike.


REVS 1200 – 1500 As per page 21 of the manual


Battery: YTX7 ABS




Hi: HS-1

Low: H1

Tail Light:  LED complete