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rock up practically polished at your door

I recently purchased the 400 cruiser from Braaap. It was delivered earlier than specified and any queries or concerns were answered quickly by phone or text along the way.Buying a bike online might seem a bit scary, but I have also purchased a Braaap moto3 in the past and members of Braaap forums on FB were always happy to help with any questions I had. For what its worth, you're going to have people who have great experiences and some unfortunate customers who didn't But I would encourage anyone looking to buy a bike to do it through this bunchThey're the cheapest bikes in Aus and rock up practically polished at your door Getin on it They're all head turners

-Nick Black

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ST250 Cafe Racer Review

'I can't speak highly enough of Braaap and my experience overall'

Paul and Andrea at the workshop in Frankston have been incredibly helpful. You feel like you're part of a family business and they have gone out of their way to help me resolve any issue with my ST250. I've ridden mine every single day for the past 12 months and put 10,000kms on it. Still loving it sick! If| text when I'm on my way to the workshop they make sure my bike is seen to very quickly. Parts and labour are very affordable. Thanks again for the great care and customer service


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Braaap MX450 Trail Ride Review - Kieran

'I wont ride anything but a Braap'.

love these guys. I ride an ST250 and a Cruiser 400. The service is fantastic and |Ialways have a laugh when I speak to anyone there. The bikes are high quality and the service is personalised and always on point. Being a Frankston boy and supportive of local business, I am so proud and happy for this team. To Jack, Lisa, Andrea, Paulie and the rest of the team: well played. I wont ride anything but a Braap.

 -Paul Leitao

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Gen ST250 Shadow racer review and interview

It is a great bike, handles really well in both wet and dry conditions.

I use my MotoE for the daily commute into town. It is a great bike, handles really well in both wet and dry conditions. I achieve roughly 130-140 km on a charge using settings 1/2 with the occasional setting 3 for fast acceleration and accelerating up hill. I had a Honda Forza previously as my mode of commuting. Definitely the electric is the way to go for absolute economy. As the price of fuel sits around $2.14 I would get almost 3 full charges for that amount. Two electricity bills in and no real change to my bills charging once to twice a week."


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Cruiser open day and reviews

I can't wait to tell you how much I love my MotoE 5000W.

As a big supporter of EV technology (we have an electric car and electric moped), I was so excited to see the MotoE available for pre-order in June of 2022. It was worth the wait, the bike is just fantastic and an incredible bargain at the price.

It was the first electric motorbike to be registered at my local licencing centre, and I was the first person to sit and pass my licence test on such a vehicle. I have been riding it non-stop ever since.

It is so easy, smooth and fun to ride to work every day on only one charge a week. It's super zippy on 3 and conservative in traffic on 2. I've cut 10 minutes off my commute compared to driving and it's so much more fun!

It's generating a lot of talk in my office, generating hundreds of comments and likes when I posted about it on our internal Yammer page, so if you see a spike in sales from WA, you can thank me!

My only feedback would be that the dazzling sun in Perth tends to black out the dash, obviously not a problem in Melbourne, haha.

Very impressive vehicle, and so proud to be buying from an Australian company. I love it!! Fair well 4 wheels forever!


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