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Airoh Aviator 3 Helmet

As if the Aviator 2.3 helmet wasn’t awesome enough, Airoh has yet again upped the ante with the Aviator 3. Boasting features that will change off-road riding forever, the Aviator 3 is exactly what you’ve been searching for in an off-road helmet.


The team at Airoh used a wind tunnel to design the Aviator 3’s outer shell. By incorporating rear spoilers, an adjustable peak, and integrated vents and extractors into the design, they achieved maximum airflow running through the helmet without creating lots of drag during high speeds.

The Aviator 3 is available in Full Carbon 3K for the Primal graphic or one in High-Performance Composite (HPC) carbon for the other graphic designs with 4 shell sizes 1° XS – S, 2° M, 3° L and 4° XL – XXL.


Airoh upgraded the ventilation giving the Aviator 3 a total of eight air vents—two more than its predecessor, which only had six—to offer far superior air circulation inside the helmet. Complete with dust filters and mesh covers for increased durability and solid defence against dirt particles, these vents really help regulate thermal energy to keep your head cool and comfortable, at the same time maintaining the helmet’s stability and aerodynamics.


The Aviator 3 guarantees superior comfort and freshness with its special hypoallergenic Airoh Magnetic Lining System that is non-abrasive, easily removable and washable.

The interior is equipped with safety features such as the AEFR (Airoh Emergency Fast Release) liner and cheek pads that are also magnetic and can be taken out very easily.

In addition to this, the AMS² PLUS (that sits between the outer shell and the EPS layer) acts kind of like memory foam to give you a great fit. The silicone of the AMS² PLUS enables the shell to move in sync with the impact force to minimise the energy transferred directly to the rider’s head during a crash. Thus, this new and improved Airoh Multiaction Safety System will not only give your head a comfortable fit, but will thoroughly protect it as well.

You will notice a slight increase in the overall weight of the Aviator 3 when comparing it to the 2.3 version, owing to all the new safety features and heavy-duty materials that went into the creation of this Airoh helmet. This was to ensure the Aviator 3 meets the qualifications for ECE 22.06 certification, which will soon be the new level of safety standards.


The Aviator 3 flaunts hands-free hydration with the new Airoh Hydration System that integrates a drinking hose within the helmet so you won’t have to stop for a drink while riding.


With a large viewport that fits various sizes of motorcycle goggles, the Aviator 3 offers a wide field of vision for optimum visibility. Its nosepiece has also been modified to make wearing goggles easier and improve aerodynamics.

With a restructured adjustable peak, the Aviator 3 provides better stability and is able to deflect the sun’s glare and roost more effectively. Airoh also included a peak extension for greater protection when you need it.


Just like its predecessor, the Airoh Aviator 3 also comes with a servicing kit, but this time with more useful tools and accessories, including a GoPro mount, a screwdriver and a set of screws, vent covers, side bumpers, a peak extension, and a short nose cover. You can stash all these in the multipurpose helmet bag you’ll also get when you purchase the Aviator 3.


  • 100% carbon kevlar
  • From 1290 g (+-50 g)
  • Four shells: XS-S, M, L, and XL-XXL
  • Front vents
  • Top vents
  • Chin guard vents
  • Rear spoilers
  • Removable, washable, and hypoallergenic inner lining
  • DD ring