First Ride Review - Electric Braaap MotoE

First Ride Review - Electric Braaap MotoE

Posted by Ken Ride

There is nothing like new bike day. Here at braaap we experienced the most exciting & anticipated new bike day when the first production version of the Electric braaap MotoE arrived.

This blog is designed to give you some insight into how the bike may look & feel when you own it so I've included a few professional pics for inspiration but mostly just pics off my phone from when different guys have taken the bike for a spin.

The MotoE looks amazing and feedback has been awesome from everyone who has ridden it.

As soon as it arrived we plugged it in, we gave it its first charge which is recommend to be 5 hours. So we patiently waited and kept going over and sitting on it, looking at it and talking about it until finally it was time to ride.

As soon as I pulled out of the driveway and twisted the throttle it just made me laugh, it's so different, it's awesome. The main thing I noticed is how smooth it is & how hard it was to tell what speed you are going. I couldn't hear an engine and I couldn't feel any engine vibration which is what I thought would be the main downside of the electric bike however as soon as you twist the throttle you forget about all that & you'll love it.

Every traffic light on the way home people would wind down the window and ask about it. I took the long way home because it is just so much fun!

A few points that are different and I like. Firstly the rear brake on the handle bar is actually awesome, if you've ridden on the road with a hand rear brake you'll agree I'm sure. Then also the way the electric motor holds momentum, We have the software set so the engine brake is really low causing the bike to keep rolling through corners a bit more like a 2 stroke would. The software is the main area people will adjust for racing, we have "soft launch" programmed in so the first 15 meters aren't going to spin the tyres, but once you have some momentum you'll twist the throttle and the bike will want to take off. This allows us to get further range and offer the warranty on the motor.

I smoked every car off the lights on my first ride home, Just loved it. So stoked to be riding electric.

Electric is a huge revolution to the motorcycle industry.

Riders from this Blog.

Ben: Ben is the type of guy who loves the best vehicles, He spent a tonne adding extra's to his BMW X6 car and this translates to his view on Motorcycling, He loves the style of the Braaap MotoE & blown away by the fact that it's electric. We was fired up after riding it and we could here him yahooing under the helmet. Ben found the bike faster than he expected, weirdly quiet & he commented on the comfort of the seating position given.

Logan: Logan came to take the bike for a spin with his Dad, Logan is a brand new rider, Complete novice. He had a heap of fun and found it easy to ride electric with no clutch, just twist and go.

Scott: Scott was walking past when Ben & Logan were test riding, He had to have a ride immediately & loved it.

Dirk: Dirk has a MotoE on order, he now works here at braaap too. Dirk rode almost 100KM's down the Mornington penninsula with his mate Jordon who rides a CRB1000RR They rode highway and tight twisting turns. Dirk loved riding electric and showing Jordon the innovation of electric motorcycling here at braaap.

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