MOTOE - Chatting about EV's with the Aus EV Association

MOTOE - Chatting about EV's with the Aus EV Association

Posted by Ken Ride

Hey Guys,

This blog includes the below video from when we presented to the SA chapter of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association.

We have also included a few of the technical thought's we have regarding the all new braaap MotoE which we are launching at the moment with great excitement!

You can secure a braaap 2022 Model MotoE on a huge early adopter promo with just $500.


While we finalise the final production settings for the MotoE & achieve the compliance approvals from the Australian Government for the MotoE to be road registered in all states there are a few final technical thoughts we are wrestling through. At this stage our production bike will do up to 120km/hr - 140km/hr  top speed for 120km & take 6 hours to charge.

We are conservative because we want to launch and ensure the base model bike is awesome before we push the limits of charge time, top speeds, battery range and torque output but this blog is designed to give a few thoughts to the enthusiasts who can't wait to hot up their bike.

The key formula is V x AH = Max Capacity

You will notice our production bike leaves a huge amount of room for performance upgrades. For example our hub could take up to 144V but we have battery specs at 72V 100Ah on our highest performing model, There is room for performance improvements if you are an enthusiasts who wants to work on their bike.

Torque is limited by our battery management system and controller so to keep the reliability strong. Enthusiast will already be planning how to push the limits of the Torque output that can be achieved through our system.

Many enthusiasts will be testing and trying out aftermarket controllers, We have already been doing this our selves.

We have not published our Torque output yet. The reason is that the Motor is capable of much higher numbers than what we will deliver the bike with but we are waiting to finish the ADR compliance to ensure it is restricted to meet LAMS approval limits and it passes all brake tests etc.

You can also check out this MotoE ride review by clicking here.



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  • As a big sports bike rider are you looking at anything above the LAMS category in the future?

    Stewart Martin |
  • Can you ring me about a Moto E please after 11Am.

    Stu Cook |
  • Hi,
    I am thinking that an electric motorcycle may be ideal for my work commute.
    I travel 50km to and from work (100km daily total) mostly on the Cunningham highway, where you had better be doing 100kph+ or you will be wiped out by truck drivers.
    Please keep me in the loop regarding suitable rides in your range of electric motorcycles.
    Cheers !

    Graeme Cooke |
  • Good learning opportunity
    Answered most of my questions

    Michael G Burrows |
  • EV-Trikes.
    Are you planning on selling any of these in the near future. One to suit a disabled person who is losing their mobility. A vehicle that could be used both in town and in the country, on the farm? Just asking.
    Thank you.

    Paul |

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