We're CrowdFunding!!

We're CrowdFunding!!

Posted by Ken Ride

Hey Guys,

Exciting news for us to be inviting you to join as as we continue to grow.

With a mission to create a positive impact on people one person at a time by creating products and experiences that make people feel alive, award-winning and profitable motorcycle company, Braaap, is poised for growth through a capital raise to expand in the US and launch its exciting new range of e-motorbikes.


Register your interest at www.swarmer.com.au 

We recognise the future is electric and we want to be leading the charge. Since 2005, we have been innovating & fine-tuning how to build & deliver world-class motorcycles at attractive price points while offering riders unmatched value.

With the recent launch of the new Braaap Electric Motorcycle, our vision is to lead the mass adoption of electric motorcycles.

We believe offering riders un-matched value via an e-motorbike at the same price as petrol-powered bikes will power this movement.


Swarmer Wrote:

In our first investment opportunity, we've partnered with braaap to help them raise capital for the purpose of leading the charge in the future of Motorcycles and e-motorbikes!
We're thrilled to work with a company that has already had some early success, including: 

️🏍️ 10,000+ Bikes sold to happy customers

️🏍️ 60,000+ Social Media Followers

🏍️ Over 300% Profitable Revenue growth since FY20
Braaap is looking to raise funds to execute a continued vision to bring electric bikes to the masses.
Interested? Learn more and register your interest today on the link here: https://lnkd.in/g7Gs9w5q

Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.

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