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The Future of Motorcycling has arrived!

The Braaap MotoE! Shhhh It's Electric!

Our Aim is to be the #1 Value Electric Motorcycle in the world.

We believe the Braaap MotoE is exactly that!

You can see the bike looks amazing! The knock out punch for the Braaap MotoE is when you see how much bike you get for your buck! Our price point is designed to bring Electric Motorcycling into the future by no longer giving gasoline powered bikes a huge advantage on price, The Braaap MotoE is so aggressively priced that it will shake up the whole motorcycle industry.

Help move the Australian Motorcycle industry into the future!

Be a part of an Australian company who is taking on the world electric motorcycle market.

We design & assemble here, We produce the components with global manufacturing partners offshore before being assembled inline with the braaap plan to export to other countries.

Please check out the recent presentation to the Australian Electric Vehicle Association> Click Here >

Note: Final specs subject to change.

5000W motor, 72v80Ah Lithium battery (Top Speed Approx. 105KM/H)

8000W motor 72v100Ah Lithium battery (Top Speed Approx. 110KM/H)

10,000W motor 72v108Ah Lithium battery (Top Speed Approx. 130KM/H)



Range is 80km - 140km dependant on how you ride it.

Charge Time is 4-6 Hrs




The promo is a "rider direct" promo this means we don't stock bikes on showroom floors across the country like we used to, we are now an online platform. Test rides are not available but this is how we are able to drive the price down so aggressively on most bikes less than half price at the moment.

Australia wide delivery: See Pricing here 

Check out our Youtube for a closer look


Please ensure you've read and understood the terms and conditions. The bike is advertised with out rego because many customers choose to do their own rego. This is a non-refundable unconditional contract for sale because your bike will be built as pre-order once you pay.


The system will send your Dealer invoice, Contract for sale, LMCT and all detail to your email. Your licensed dealer is PWS Motorcycles, see LMCT and official info in the footer of this webpage.

This sale is for anyone who is looking to take advantage of a huge discount by purchasing the motorcycle now and waiting for us to assemble/build the bike. 

Build Time: Current expectation for each model can be checked on the delivery updates page in the meno of this website or by clicking on this link >. Check the weekly update on production & delivery by clicking here >

You are welcome to call the dealership sales team and ask any questions on 0499 27 22 27.

We do not offer refunds due to delays, please understand this before you buy. Our “Built to Order” process means we build your bike as soon as your order is placed, we estimate the current Building/Delivery times best we can however the “Worth Your Wait” promotion is designed to offer a huge discount in order for you to absorb any delays that may be experienced. 

"Built to order" process: As soon as you make payment we begin the production of your bike. The bikes are then divided into delivery "shipments" we will inform you of the progress for each shipment via the delivery updates page > Check the weekly delivery updates here>

Click here to "SPEAK TO US" or you are welcome to SMS or CALL 0499 27 22 27 anytime. SMS if we don't answer :) 

It is free to collect from the manufacture's warehouse in Frankston (Melbourne).

We have “to your door“ delivery available Australia wide. Most our customers get their bikes delivered to their door, many are interstate

Interstate customers will receive a call/SMS after you've purchased, We will then quote to deliver your motorcycle to your door rolling and ready to ride.

Australia wide delivery is at the buyers expense & can be paid once the bike is ready to deliver.

Registration can be done by us from $380 in Victoria & for other states we will direct you on how to register it yourself once the bike arrives.

For the purposes of clarity, this website is operated by your licensed braaap "Dealer", PWS Motorcycles. PWS are the authorised dealer whom you are buying from. The invoice, Contract for sale, LMCT are all in the name of PWS Motorcycles.

PWS Motorcycles. LMCT 12014. Dealer Principle - Paul William Smith.

Contact PWS via phone on 0499 27 22 27 or email

Please ensure you've read and understood the terms and conditions. This is an unconditional contract for sale because your bike will be built once you pay.

We specifically refer to section 4.3 of the sale agreement which states: In the case of a pre-ordered new Vehicle that is not currently in stock, the Purchaser acknowledges that any delay in delivery does not create any liability on the part of the Dealer nor does it allow for termination of this Agreement by the Purchaser.

This is an unconditional sale agreement please read it before you agree to it as we do not give refunds due to delays. We are here to talk and give any updates if you'd like more info (0499272227). Click here to review the sale agreement T&c's.

Promotional items are limited to one unit per customer.