2020 Model braaap MX-110F.
MX-110F is the 110 if you are going to hit jumps and go big.

Specifically built for adults.

Lifetime warranty available.

Don't buy a Honda CRF110, or a Kawasaki KLX 110 or a Yamaha TTR110 if you are adult looking to ride it hard, jump or play ride. The Braaap 110 is designed specifically for you and your type of riding.

A Honda 110 with the same specs & standards as the braaap 110 with cost $7,000.

Get the braaap 110 for $1,480. Ready to rip! No aftermarket parts needed.

The only reason you'd buy a Japanese branded kids bike and then go spend 3-7k on aftermarket parts to make it strong enough for you to ride/jump etc is because you are absolutely in love with the Honda Brand, Kawasaki or Yamaha Brand. if you love your brand so much that you are willing to spend $7,000 then the Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki will be the bike for you.

Our aim at braaap is to build a bike that is ready to ride, that is built specifically for adults and is of a high enough quality that we can offer the braaap Lifetime warranty.

You don't need all our marketing BS. Look at the specs and look at our price.


12 Months interest free available. CLICK HERE

We set out to make this a higher spec'd bike with way more bang for buck that our big brand competitors. We are also your only Australian motorcycle option. We design it here in Aus, we produce off shore and then do final assembly here in Melbourne. Thats how we do super low pricing at the same time as high enough quality to offer lifetime warranty.

As part of this Promo choose any colour for $100 to make it match your full sized bike! (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, White or Black available )

Compare the braaap MX-110F to the Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki or Yamaha and be impressed!

12 Months Interest Free. No Credit Check, instant finance available. SMS 0499 27 22 27.

The bike is very easy to assemble, basic tools are sufficient. (Comes in a BOX)

We've spent 15 years specialising in the superlite category. Our aim is to be the #1 pitbike in the world. Michael Blose delivered us #1 plates at the worlds biggest race for this type of bike, held in Las Vegas. Our aggressive marketing is to say Don't buy Honda and pay $5,000 extra for a Brand, Buy the Australian brand: braaap. Own it at a super low price and have a bike you can go rip on immediately!

110's are the best fun!!! BANG BARS and GO RIP!!!

Check out the braaap YouTube channel to see years of videos where all types of motorcyclist jump on the braaap superlite (Pitbikes) for fun.
The greatest riders in AMA Pro Motocross, AMA Supercross, XGAMES all ride 110's for fun!!!
See Jeremy Mcgrath, BILKO, Blake Bagget& More ride pitbike!!!
     - An old video from the braaap YouTube channel archive.
THE #1 ready to rip 110cc on the market!!

$1,480.00 $3,200.00