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Wed, May 22, 2019
Dealer Team

The Melbourne commute on a motorcycle.

Work sucks sometime but getting there never does when you rip through traffic on a bike.

With legal lane splitting and free foot-path parking you are mad not to ride to work here in Melbourne.

Today I rode the braaap urban 125cc from Frankston to Melbourne in less than an hour with out taking a toll road.

I hate commuting and waiting in traffic when I drive the car but on the bike I love it.

No Traffic Jams

Don't wait at the lights, roll right to the front thanks to legal lane splitting here in Melbourne.

 Avoid Tolls

Because I can lane split on the bike I usually avoid toll roads and still arrive at my destination faster than driving.

Free Parking

Free Parking in Melbourne. How good is that! Park right at the door step of your location with legal foot path parking in most of Melbourne.Save Fuel

Our commuter focused range of motorcycles are learner legal LAMS approved.

If you are interested in commuting to work or want to chat braaap bikes with us. Call or SMS on 0499 27 22 27 or call our HQ on 1300 27 22 27 or email


We specialise in helping new riders get into motorcycling and love seeing new riders enjoy the great sport of motorcycling!





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