ST250 production update

ST250 production update

Posted by Dealer Team

Hey Guys,

Firstly; Thank you for such an awesome response to our 2020 model launch sale. If you are receiving this email/blog then you have decided to back us, trust us and ride with us, I appreciate this and can’t wait to deliver your new bike!

It has been great to chat to so many of you myself over the past few weeks.

Please see below a bit of an update on the production of your new bike and the delivery date.

On December 1, 2, 3 & 4 we were in China on the assembly line where we completed the production of all of your motorcycles. 

Our process is to design the bike here in Australia, We then produce the bikes in Jaingmen, China before we ship them to Frankston here in Aus for final assembly, compliance and quality control.

Pauly (who is our head mechanic, spare parts guru and my Dad) and I flew into Guangzhou and made our way to Jaingmen with the job of leading the assembly line, running quality control and ensuring successful audits of all compliance requirements inline with the Australian design rules for street legal motorcycles. 

The motorcycles are all ready to go our end and now we await the Government approval to ship the bikes, We are still on track to deliver to customers early-mid January but please stay tuned for any updates.

Please keep your eye out for the upcoming flash sale on all after market accessories for the bike, riding gear and other upgrades.

From the team here at braaap, our family and myself we are super grateful to have you on board a braaap in 2020!!

We have a huge back log of calls at the moment so please SMS me if you have any questions as I always reply. 0499 27 22 27.




Pauly hates arriving at the airline check out because I always have way to much luggage. This trip we took a proto-type chassis and some parts which we’ve been using to prepare a new model for the future. We also had a petrol tank that they made us throw in the bin as it still smelt of fumes apparently haha.


I love seeing the bikes all lined up at the end of the production line. They wait here after they have passed quality control and are ready to be packaged into boxes for shipment. We completely assemble the bikes and then semi dis-assemble them for shipping to Australia for their final assembly in Frankston.

The jury is out on whether this is all for the camera or I’m actually doing something… A huge part of our compliance process is making sure the European certificates align with our Australian Design Rules compliance. We have had 3 federal Audits in the last few years which means we have a rigid process and have full accountability to the Australian government. 

Our point of different is that we use Australian engineering standards with Chinese manufacturing efficiencies. A high quality bike at an aggressive price! This picture captures Paul (Our head mechanic and brains trust on how to build a high quality bike) chatting with Mr Yan (Our brains trust on how to build a bike efficiently and with high levels of consistency). Mr Yan has been building suspension and other components for Honda for nearly 20 years. He is an absolute God send to us and there is no way we could do what we do with out him. His knowledge from Honda as well as his engineering training with the Chinese aviation defence program is put to use here at braaap!

The production line runs like a well oiled machine now. At braaap we are almost 15 years into this but we are launching of the shoulders of people who have spent decades perfecting how to building a motorcycle efficiently, consistently and to a high standard.

The testing lab.

Some tail lights in position at their station on the production line.

Pauly ensuring the packaging is all good to go for the trip to Australia.

A sea of 2020 model braaap ST250 Shadows!! 



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