Interstate customer service

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Just touching base for anyone who is not able to walk into our HQ & Flagship showroom here in Frankston, Victoria. We have braaap owners all over the country and the aim of this blog is to help you feel more connected into braaap HQ. If you have any questions please call 1300 27 22 27 (1300braaap) or call/SMS 0499 27...

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

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braaap is offering half price servicing from its flagship stores to anyone raising money and taking part in the 2016 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride from now until September 24th, 2016. Call 1300 braaap for details, or contact the braaap flagship stores in your area direct. Tas braaap Hobart +613 6234 4851braaap Launceston +613 6331 9284 Vicbraaap Frankston +613 9770 0525 Riding for...

10 tips on buying the right road bike

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So, we finally got to you. You're now in the market for a road bike. Fun times await you. But before you part with your hard earnt money here's 10 questions to ask yourself before you commit to your new favourite piece of transit technology. 1. What type of riding are you looking to do? Well, this might seem like...

How to get your motorcycle license

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My guess is that if you have clicked on this blog then you are looking at getting into our sport. We love helping new people get into motorcycling, here at braaap new riders are our speciality. In Australia, it's a requirement to take a course separate to your car drivers license in order to get your motorcycle license. Each state is bound...

7 must do's before getting your motorcycle licence

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Getting your bike licence is a big deal.  Here at braaap we specialise in helping new people get into our sport. Below is our list of 7 things you have to do before you get your license. 1. Learn to ride Learning to ride on the dirt is a good way of developing your skills, if you're not close to...

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